10 Waterproofing Tips for Homeowners
10 Waterproofing Tips for Homeowners


Waterproofing Tips for Homeowners

Is your crawl space or basement flooded? Has your home experienced the prolonged effects of heavy rain? With that said, how do you keep your basement or crawl space dry? Nevertheless, here are ten helpful waterproofing tips to keep your basement and crawl space dry.

10 Waterproofing Tips

1. Clean your gutters. Cleaning your gutters directs water away from your home and Waterproofing Tips: Basement Problemsprevents clogging.

2. Extend drainage at least six feet. Your downspout should be at least six feet away from your home heading downhill.

3. Check your yard's grading. You want to do everything you can to divert water away from your home.

4. Seal your crawl space doors and windows. This works directly with encapsulating your crawl space. This will drastically reduce moisture problems for your foundation.

5. Close your basement windows. This is one step some homeowners overlook. Airing out your basement will not prevent musty smells or remove them for that matter.

6. Seal exterior basement door frames. The smallest gaps can let in lots of water. Seal all gaps around your door frame and drainage plane.

7. Invest in a high quality sump pumpIf your basement has dealt with flooding before or is common in your area, it's best to invest in a sump pump and look into professional waterproofing.

8. Look for cracks. Inspect the exterior of your home and the interior of your crawl space or basement. Look for concrete cracks and gaps. You may also find water or acid damage.

9. Replace your basement windows. Your best option may be to replace your basement windows altogether. Moreover, upgrade from single pane windows for energy efficiency.

10. Insulate any exposed pipes. To clarify, make sure to wrap all water pipes with insulation to reduce moisture and condensation.

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