2018 Spring Foundation Checklist
2018 Spring Foundation Checklist


2018 Spring Foundation Checklist

Spring is now here!

Within a few weeks the cold weather will be leaving, and warmer weather will be arriving in Indiana! Before getting carried away with the normal spring checklists, take a day to focus on your spring foundation checklist.


Inspect that your plumbing and air conditioning units have no running water. Below your home, inspect that your pipes and fittings are not out of place or show signs of leaking. If you are uncertain about the way your pipes may be placed or if there is any leaking, call in a plumber to inspect.

Clean Gutters

From the bottom to the top, check your home’s gutters and downspout extensions. Gutter cleaning is not favored by many homeowners. However, buying a gutter shield to install on the top of your gutters will help make the cleaning process faster.

Downspout extensions need to face away from home and be attached to gutters at all times. This allows additional water to flow away from your foundation.

Soil around your foundation

Look at the soil. Your soil should always slope away from your home's foundation. If you notice your soil does not slope this way, then add dirt to help direct water away from your foundation to keep it healthy.

Your foundation may be effected by the roots of large trees or bushes that are planted close to your home. By keeping your trees and bushes pruned, you will help slow root growth, keeping your foundation healthy.  Preferably, the better solution for a healthy foundation is replanting bushes 3-4 feet away from your home.

Bonus Info

Encapsulate your crawl space. Although, sealing your crawl space is not a DIY project, there are experts that can help.