The DryTrak® Baseboard Basement Drain Pipe System

A baseboard basement drain pipe system installed in ColumbusFinding the right waterproofing system or drain pipe for your basement can be a challenge. At Indiana Foundation Service, we provide a wide range of basement drainage systems to ensure that your home is protected from all types of water intrusions.

Each of our systems can be custom-designed and installed quickly in your home (usually in one or two days) and includes a written, transferable warranty. To schedule a free basement drain pipe installation quote, contact us by phone at 1-800-978-6980 or e-mail today! We proudly serve the Central Indiana area, including Indianapolis, Bloomington and nearby.

What It Does

One of the most significant challenges our experts see on a daily basis are homes with monolithic floors.

Normally, foundations are built in three pieces — the floor, the walls, and the foundation footing. In the case of monolithic floors, there are just two pieces, as the floor and footing are poured as just one piece.

As a result, the edges of these floors are extremely thick, and jack-hammering them is a labor-intensive and creates a lot of dust!

Advantages To Our Drain Pipe System

  • No Jack-hammering During Installation
  • Collects Water From Walls and Floor Joint
  • Above The Mud Zone To Prevent Clogging
  • Ideal For Monolithic Or Thick Floors
  • Includes A Written Lifetime Warranty

We address this challenge by installing our DryTrak® Drain Pipe System. This is a baseboard drain that is permanently epoxied above the floor (and above the mud sitting below the floor) — with no jack-hammering.

Drain Pipe: Draining Water Trapped In Block Walls

Drain Pipe System Model

The DryTrak® System is also a great option for unusually thick concrete slab floors. Like monolithic floors, jack-hammering through can mean a lot of work and dust.

If you have a block wall foundation, then there is a second challenge to deal with. The open cavities in each block are susceptible to filling with water — which then seeps in through the walls.

We eliminate this water source by drilling a “weep hole” in each block. The water then pours through these holes and directly into the drain pipe.

The drain pipe is epoxied directly to the floor, and leave a slight opening along the top to collect water leaking in from the walls. Thus, your home is waterproofed without jack-hammering!

Leaky Windows, Cracks, and Penetrations

Water can flood into a basement from many different locations along the walls. At Indiana Foundation Service, we have these solutions:

  • For leaking wall cracks and gaps around pipes or wires, we use the FlexiSpan® System.
  • If you have leaking around a basement window, we recommend our WellDuct® System.
  • If your walls are leaking in many places at once, we cover the walls with our wall products.

Many of our wall products double as an aesthetic or insular upgrade. Each of our wall drainage systems can be tucked into your DryTrak® Drain Pipe System so that water leaking from your walls is then directed to your sump pump system.

We Install Warrantied Drain Pipe Systems In Indiana

The DryTrak® Drain Pipe System provides you with a simple, common-sense solution that helps you to avoid an otherwise messy and time-consuming installation.

For more information about our basement drain pipe systems, or to receive a free basement waterproofing quote, contact us by phone at 1-800-978-6980 or e-mail today! We can schedule one of our specialists to visit your home to answer any questions you have and to provide you with a customized, written cost quote for repairs.

We proudly serve the Central Indiana area, including Indianapolis, Bloomington, nearby Muncie, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Kokomo, Carmel, Anderson, and the surrounding areas.

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