Is Your Basement Ready For Spring Rains
Is Your Basement Ready For Spring Rains


Basement Spring Rains: Are You Ready?

Spring rains are on the way, but is your basement prepared? The additional rain can cause plenty of issues for your foundation, including flooding your basement.

A flooded basement is a hassle no homeowner wants to experience. To begin with, the clean up is long and stressful. Moreover, your belongings may be destroyed and the damage could also lead to structural problems.

It's best to prepare your basement ahead of time, taking the risks out of the picture. Don't wait until it's too late, which could lead to bigger and more costly issues.

Basement Spring Rains: Problem Signs

Now is the time to look around your basement. If you notice any  problem signs, it's best to call one of our waterproofing experts.

Basement wall cracks
These types of cracks could mean you have a hydrostatic pressure problem. In this case, the soil outside of your home is expanding due to water and pushing up against your basement walls.

Cracked basement floor
The smallest of cracks won't stop large amounts of water from seeping through. If these cracks widen over time, that is a sign of further foundation issues.

Condensation on windows, exposed pipes or appliances
Is there condensation in your basement? If so, you have a humidity problem. Excess moisture can be detrimental to your home's foundation. This moisture could be entering your basement through many different ways, including cracks and gaps. This could also lead to flooding during heavy rains.

Moisture on the walls or floor
If your walls and basement floors are already wet or damp, then your basement is desperate for repairs before the Spring rains come. Contact Indiana Foundation Service as soon as possible, and we'll send out a professional technician to inspect your basement and provide the proper solutions for your home.