Interior or Exterior Basement Waterproofing – Which is the Best?

While the basement is an important part of the home, it’s not immune to flooding and moisture. Cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure and shifting foundation can let in water. So if you have been contemplating basement waterproofing, you have the answer. Why Waterproof Your Basement? Not seeing the need for waterproofing the basement? Here’s how […]

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Foundation Cracks in Your Home – Know the Types and Causes

Whether wide or narrow, foundation cracks are a nightmare for any homeowner or builder. The problem isn’t just limited to newly built homes in Indianapolis, IN. Even existing homes with concrete foundation and brick walls aren’t immune from cracks. Common Types of Foundation Cracks Generally, there are four types of cracks that can assail your […]

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Find a Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Indianapolis, IN

Is your basement prone to leaks? Do you frequently have to use your shop vac to rid your basement of standing water? Are your door frames sticking, windows fogging and electricity bills on the rise? If so, you may need to waterproof your basement. The weather in Indianapolis, IN, has always been difficult to predict. […]

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