Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Crawl space repair system in IndianapolisIf left untended, a damp or wet crawl space can develop into a serious issue. Moisture and humidity in the space lead to mold, dust mites and rot. Indiana Foundation Service prevents these issues from ever developing by providing professional crawl space repair and encapsulation services. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in Greater Indianapolis and nearby protect their homes with permanent crawl space solutions.

It does not matter if you have a concrete crawl space, a dirt floor, or a closed crawl space. Our highly trained crawl space technicians use patented, warranted products to keep your crawl space dry and protected. We provide free crawl space inspections and estimates to homeowners and businesses in the Greater Indianapolis area including Indianapolis and Bloomington.

Signs of a Crawl Space Problem

  • Drywall Cracks in the Interior
  • Uneven Floors
  • Foul Odors in the Home
  • Heightened Allergies or Asthma Symptoms
  • Water in your crawl space

Crawl Space Repair: Our Crawl Space Encapsulation System

All crawl space repair solutions are not equal. Indiana Foundation Service offers a permanent crawl space encapsulation system that comes with a 25-year warranty. Our work is built to last the lifetime of your home.

To keep your crawl space free of mold and rot we need to seal it off from the outside. To do this, we install crawl space vent covers and place a seal-able door on the entrance. Next, insulation matting is laid down on the floor of the crawl space and covered with a thick vinyl barrier. The vinyl barrier runs along the floor and up the crawl space walls. Rigid foam insulation is placed along the top of the crawl space walls and a custom designed crawl space sump pump is installed. Lastly, a proprietary crawl space dehumidifier is added.

The completed system keeps your crawl space dry and protected. Outside water sources are kept at bay by the vapor barrier and vent covers. Heat flow is prevented by the insulation. Water from upstairs leaks is removed from the space by the sump pump. The dehumidifier keeps the relative humidity low enough to stop mold and dust mite growth. If the floor above your crawl space is sagging, support jacks are installed to lift it back to its original position.

Your Indianapolis home is permanently protected from rot and mold in the crawl space, you gain extra storage space and you even save money on your monthly energy bills!

Crawl Space Repair: Before and After

Crawl Space Repair Before in Indianapolis

Before encapsulation this crawl space has moisture, mold and failed insulation.

Crawl Space Repair After in Indianapolis

After encapsulation the crawl space is a sealed, clean, and protected space. No water, mold, or rot.

Indiana Crawl Space Repair Contractors

Crawl space repair system

Indiana Foundation Service uses the most innovative and recommended products in the marketplace.

If you have moisture or water in your crawl space make sure to call us today. Our specialists will come and provide a free crawl space inspection and no-obligation, written estimate. Before we arrive at your door for the inspection and free quote, we’ll also send you a copy of our free e-book. Our book contains indispensable information on crawl space issues, with over a thousand crawl space repair experts hands-on knowledge and jobs completed.

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