How Do I Fix My Crawl Space? Can I Just Do It Myself?

After learning more about crawl spaces and how downright gross they can be, aren’t you motivated to take charge and transform this area of your home? You might be itching to head over to your local hardware or home improvement store to pick up repair supplies. But resist that urge.  

Crawl space repair is not a project you can just tackle on a weekend and be done with it, especially if your crawl space is in serious disrepair. Even if you are a handy jack of all trades, it’s best to leave these kinds of repairs to experienced professionals. Plus, when it comes to real estate transactions, things like quick fixes could raise red flags and you’d have to spend more time and money to fix them. 

Below are some highlights from a blog post from our friends and neighbors at Ohio Basement Authority in Columbus, OH. It further illustrates how crawl space repair is not a do-it-yourself undertaking. 

Worst advice we’ve heard about crawl spaces: 

  1. “What you don’t see can’t hurt you!”
    People typically have no clue that a crawl space can be wet, moldy, have wood rot, insects and rodents are living there, and that this air is being breathed in their home. 
  2. “Just put in some vents!”
    If it is raining or humid outside, all that moisture will get into the crawl space instead of going out. Vents also give insects and rodents great entry points into your home. 
  3. “Use pink insulation on the walls to prevent heat loss.”
    If any moisture gets into the crawl space, which it most likely will, it will ruin this insulation.
  4. “Just use a car jack!”
    Sometimes homeowners will use car jacks to “repair” the sagging floor above their crawl space. When it sinks again, they just jack it back up. This is NOT a good idea.
  5. “Use painter’s plastic to encapsulate.”
    As the name implies, painter’s plastic is for painters. It isn’t meant to keep mold and moisture out. 

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