How Do I Know What Contractor to Choose?

Your home is your safe haven, so it can be scary to invite unknown people into your house for inspections and repairs. Especially in this day and age, how do you know who you can trust? 

Here are 10 helpful tips for selecting a reputable contractor, courtesy of Popular Mechanics. We at Indiana Foundation Service are proud to meet and exceed expectations on these tips: 

  1. Go with Your Gut. Trust your instincts about the contractor’s character.  
  2. Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed to Work in Your Area, Bonded, and Insured. Carrying the proper licensing and insurance indicates credibility, knowledge, and trustworthiness. 
  3. Pick a Contractor Who Specializes in Your Project Type. It’s important for the contractor to have experience through research, training, and hands-on work in the field. 
  4. Have a Detailed Contract in Place Before Any Work Begins. Having detailed plans and everything in writing clearly spells out expectations. 
  5. Find Out Who Will Be Performing the Work. Knowing exactly who will be coming to your home will give you peace of mind. 
  6. Give the Contractor Guidelines for Working In/Around Your Home. Let the company know about your preferences such as arrival times and any off-limit areas of your property. 
  7. Know What Your Responsibilities Are. If you need to move anything out of the way or plan for pet accommodations, it’s best to get that out of the way before the project starts. 
  8. Ask About a Mechanic’s Lien. Check on the contractor’s legal status before signing anything. 
  9. Look at Work Samples. This allows you to see the quality of the work, and you might get some ideas for your own project. 
  10. Think Locally. Support companies that have been in business in the community for a long time. 

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