Settling Soil and Poor Chimney Soil Support

Similarly, it is common for soil to settle over time. But as it does, it can do so at an angle and slope towards the foundation. This allows water collecting near the wall to easily seep inside as well as contribute to the previously mentioned problems. Plus, if the soil under your home sinks unevenly, this also leads to foundation settlement. You’ll start to notice diagonal cracks in drywall and from corners of windows and doors, and windows and doors may not properly function.

A more dramatic and scary sign of soil and foundation settlement is a chimney that is cracking and leaning away from the house. Exterior chimneys may not always be built on the same soil or foundation as the rest of the house, or even have the proper footing. When the soil underneath can no longer support the chimney, it will start to separate from the rest of the structure.

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