Should I Worry about Moisture?

It’s normal for the crawl space to develop moisture, especially during summer months when the precipitation is usually high. Condensation will form on cool surfaces and materials like the insulation. If condensation occurs repeatedly, puddles may form on the floor.

What isn’t normal is when the moisture or humidity level exceeds the 60% mark and stays there for several days. This can set the stage for the things you’ve been trying to avoid all along — mold and decay. Do a quick inspection of the crawl space walls and items in there. If you notice anything abnormal, including musty smells, something could be wrong.

Take action if you notice any of the following:

  • Pest and insect infestation
  • Wall cracks and movement
  • Wet insulation
  • Spotting on walls
  • Buckling/warping floors
  • Wood deterioration in floor joists
  • Higher energy bills

Don’t underestimate what humidity can do. Moisture can turn your once dry and healthy crawl space into a breeding ground for pests and mold. Be on high alert and swing into action the moment you spot moisture signs.

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