Step Three: Close Vents and Doors

It’s a common myth to air out your crawl space. On the contrary, you should seal all vents and doors. This will keep out all uncontrolled air, moisture, debris, and pests. To clarify, air is typically cooler in your crawl space than it is outside. Once the warmer outside air enters and combines with the inside air, humidity forms. Moisture is your crawl space’s greatest enemy, so it’s important to seal off your vents and doors.

Furthermore, once humidity builds in your crawl space, the stack effect can become devastating to your family. The stack effect is the movement of air in your home. As the air in your crawl space warms, it will begin to rise throughout your home before exiting through the chimney, attic, or loose windows. To make matters worse, this continuous cycle will bring mold spores and dust mites along for the ride. As a result, this process can worsen allergy issues and asthma problems for your family.

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