What Is the Best Way for Me to Fix My Basement?

By now, you’re probably eager to kick those basement problems to the curb. Before you run out to your neighborhood hardware store, hear us out. Basement waterproofing and repair is serious work that best left to professional contractors.  

There’s nothing to stop you from applying paint or sealant on your basement walls, but these are in no way permanent solutions that will properly address the problem. These are cheap, quick fixes that will end up popping and flaking, and this indicates there’s a lingering moisture problem. Water also follows the path of least resistance, so even if you “seal” off one leakage point, it’s going to find another way in. 

Why not fix the problem the right way the first time? Trusted solutions from a reliable contractor are the best way to go. 

You’ve probably heard horror stories from friends and family about their experiences with contractors who didn’t finish the jobs or installed shoddy products. So, it’s understandable that you’d feel wary of working with a contractor yourself. But don’t let that completely influence your decision. 

Before hiring a contractor, make sure you do your homework and are comfortable with who you bring into your home. Ask more about the company; look at reviews; references; proof of insurance, licenses, and other certifications; a written contract; and examples of completed work. 

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