Why Do I Have These Problems in My Basement and Home?

Whether it’s through plumbing leaks, wall cracks, or poor drainage, standing water in your basement always is bad news.  

There are several reasons why your home has these issues, and many of them stem from one common source – the ground your home was built on. The soil, as well as the health of that soil, plays a big part in your home’s condition and structural stability. 

There are various soil types across Indiana, but three main ingredients make up a soil type and its texture – sand, silt, and clay, as well as any combination of the three. Indiana has all three of these soil ingredients and is particularly rich in clay soil. Indiana also has a state soil called Miami, which is made up of silt loam and clay loam. Sandy soils tend to drain water faster, silt has more intermediate drainage properties, and clay is more likely to hold onto water and expand and contract as it becomes saturated and dries out. 

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