Why Should I Care About Fixing the Crawl Space? What are the Benefits?

Now that you’ve read about the problems with most crawl spaces and their negative effects, don’t you think it’s time to fix them? There are so many reasons why addressing crawl space problems is beneficial, but here are a few major perks

  • Health – By properly waterproofing, sealing, and insulating your crawl space, you are taking a major step in improving the health of your home and family. If anyone in your house suffers from asthma or allergies, a cleaner crawl space can help prevent flare-ups and other sickness. If you choose solutions such as a dehumidifier, the air quality will be greatly improved throughout the entire home.
  • Structural Stability – Wet, damp crawl spaces with water and high humidity can have rotting and weakening support systems, which then leads to sagging and uneven floors. When you choose sturdy solutions to shore up the floors and floor joists, your home will be better supported and structurally sound.
  • Energy Efficiency – A crawl space that is sealed from outside elements and properly insulated does not require as much energy usage. Unvented crawl spaces are estimated to use 15 to 18% less energy for heating and cooling while reducing humidity by over 20% when compared to vented crawl space homes. (Source: Hunker – Code Requirements for Crawl Spaces)
  • Functional Space – When proper waterproofing and encapsulation measures are in place, your crawl space will be transformed into a more useable area! You will be able to store various belongings in the crawl space without worrying about any damage.
  • Real Estate Value – There are different factors that affect your home’s appraisal value, but structural integrity, water issues, and other problems such as with crawl spaces are important areas you need to be aware of. When selling your house, it is important to disclose any known past or current damage. This sets clear expectations regarding the quality and condition of the home. Indiana homeowners selling their house must fill out the Seller’s Residential Real Estate Sales Disclosure form to the best of their ability. Some areas of the form include noting any foundation problems; water or moisture problems in the basement or crawl space; and damage due to flood, termites, or rodents. 

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