Foundation Repair Products in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Whether your home is experiencing structural damage from foundation settlement, hydrostatic pressure, soil washout, frost, or some other force, we have the products you need to permanently solve your problem and restore value to your home.

Each of our foundation repair products comply with the strictest industry standards. These products have also been tried and tested by more than 100 major structural repair contractors throughout North America. With each installation, we include a written manufacturer’s warranty, as well as our own in-house performance warranty.

We’d like to meet with you to explain how our products can solve your unique structural issues. To prepare a free foundation repair quote, we inspect the damaged areas of your home, identify the causes, and create a written proposal that outlines all work to be done. If you live in Indiana and would like to schedule your free inspection and quote, call or e-mail us today!

Our Foundation Products

Wall Anchor Systems

Foundation walls are designed to support loads from above, not from the side. When side pressure on your walls exceeds their ability to withstand the force, they will begin to crack, bow, slide in at the bottom, and/or tilt in at the top. Rebuilding damaged walls may seem like the obvious (and expensive) answer, but even new walls will fail if the soil conditions are not changed.

Wall anchors can counteract soil pressure by anchoring walls to stable, undisturbed soil outside your home. Thanks to threaded rods that extend through the wall, wall anchors can even be used to straighten walls in many cases!

Learn more about our wall anchor system installation services.

I-Beam Systems For Foundation Walls

When it isn’t possible to anchor walls in the soils outside the foundation, due to property line restrictions, we recommend repairing your damaged foundation walls with the IntelliBrace™ Wall Repair System.

The IntelliBrace™ is an adjustable steel I-beam system with two important benefits: stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and (over time) forcing bowed or tilting wall sections back to their original position. All IntelliBrace™ components are manufactured to exacting standards, with an anti-corrosion zinc coating that will keep them looking like new for decades to come!

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Foundation Piers and Slab Piers

When soils are unable to bear the load of the structure on top of it, that structure must sink downwards into the ground. This is true with homes, concrete floors, chimneys, and many other structures.

Piers can solve settlement problems by transferring a structure’s weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Piers can effectively stabilize a settling structure and can even provide jacking points to lift the structure upwards to its original, level position.

Learn more about our pier system installation services.

Crawl Space Jack Posts

Floors over crawl space foundations sag due to many reasons, including inadequate or shifting supports beneath floor joists and lumber deterioration due to mold and rot.

As a floor sags, this problem is often associated with other issues, including cracking drywall, skewed door and window openings, and a potentially moldy, musty odor in the house. Our IntelliJack® system is designed to straighten and strengthen sagging floors over crawl space foundations. We also have other products that can eliminate crawl space moisture problems like rot and corroded metal surfaces.

Learn more about our crawl space support post installation services.

PolyRenewal® Concrete Leveling System

PolyRenewal® uses high-density polyurethane expanding foam to raise settled concrete foundations and slabs. The state-of-the-art polymer injection is a fast-acting, affordable alternative to mudjacking and concrete slab replacement.

Installers use specially-designed equipment to inject structural-grade polymer into penny-sized holes bored in the slab. After the void underneath the concrete slab is filled, the expanding foam will lift and level the slab. PolyRenewal® is a quick-curing solution and the polymer is waterproof and will never wash away.

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We Have The Products Your Home Needs!

At Indiana Foundation Service, we have exclusive access to GroundWorks’ industry leading structural repair products in our Indiana service area.

GroundWorks is the largest foundation repair company in the United States. GroundWorks™ specializes in residential foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete leveling.

To help you decide if our products are the best ones for you, we offer free on-site inspections and consultations. We’ll help you learn what caused your unique foundation problem, which options are best for repairing the problem, and what measures will prevent future issues. To schedule your free structural repair quote, call or e-mail us today!

We’re proud to serve Indianapolis, Bloomington, and nearby localities such as Muncie, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Anderson, Kokomo, Carmel, and the surrounding areas in the Greater Indianapolis area.