Foundation Settlement and Piers
Foundation Settlement and Piers


Foundation Settlement and Pier Solutions

Everyone loves sweet summer time. Summer brings warmer weather, longer days, and lots of memories with friends and family. Unfortunately, one thing that summer also brings is dry soil, and if your home suffers from foundation settlement, dry soil can damage your home more.

When the winter seasons were here, your soil expanded due to all the moisture it was receiving. NPierow that it is summer, the soil surrounding your foundation will begin to dry out due to the heat removing all the moisture. When the soil dries out, it will cause the ground beneath your home to shift and settle.

When settlement occurs, here are some signs you will notice in your home.

Your home’s windows and doors will become hard to open and close. Many people tend to replace them, but as the settlement gets worse, the same thing will happen to the new doors and windows.

Your home’s floors to shift and sink. You will see separation of your home’s floors and walls when settlement worsens.

Most commonly, you will notice cracks in your walls, both interior and exterior. These cracks will resemble a stair shape and they will be seen in your walls, corners of your doors and windows, and concrete flooring.

Fortunately, Indiana Foundation Service has multiple solutions for your home.

  1. Slab Piers
    This system is for homes that are built on slabs. The system is designed to be installed deep into the earth beneath your home to help lift it back to its original position and close any cracks.
  2. Push Piers
    This system is built to be installed in the bedrock underneath your home and help support your home to get it back to its original position. There piers are attached to the footing of your home and targets specifically where your foundation needs to be secured.
  3. Helical Piers
    This system helps support your home by a process called “underpinning”, and it is also installed into the bedrock under your home. These pipes for this system are coated so that they will not corrode after being installed.

Before summer is here, call Indiana Foundation Service at (800) 978-6980 or fill out the form below to have a free foundation inspection completed on your home. It’s summer, you don’t want to stress about your home!