Importance of Owning a Basement Sump Pump
Importance of Owning a Basement Sump Pump


Basement Sump Pump

Rainy season can be a dangerous time for a home with a basement, especially one without a proper waterproofing system. Sump PumpExcessive rainfall can cause water to push through the foundation walls and cause flooding. After installing a waterproofing system with a sump pump can keep water from making its way onto the basement floor during even the heaviest of rains. Here are some of the benefits of having a basement sump pump installed. Sump Pump

The purpose of a sump pump is to collect water entering through the foundation and remove it from the home. Standing water in a basement will release water vapor into the air, which can cause mold and mildew to grow. Having a sump pump keeps water out of your home’s basement, ultimately preventing mold growth which will improve indoor air quality.

Water in your home’s basement can affect the foundation and floor system. Water intrusion can compromise the wood in a home’s floor system and also cause foundation walls to bow inward. A sump pump alleviates built up water pressure on the foundation walls thus protecting the structural integrity of the foundation.

Additionally, the cost associated with repairing your basement after significant water damage can be very high.Sump Pump Installing an interior basement waterproofing system with a sump pump is the most cost effective and reliable way to keep your basement dry during the rainy season.

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