Pier And Beam Foundation Repair: What Is It?
Pier And Beam Foundation Repair: What Is It?


Pier And Beam Foundation Repair: What Is It?

Have you heard of pier and beam foundation repair. You possibly have, but most homeowners don't understand what it actually entails.

Specifically, pier and beam foundations are most common in homes with a crawl space. In general, pier and beam foundations have concrete or cement block exterior walls with interior piers that support the wood floor joists and support beams.

Do You Need Pier and Beam Foundation Repair?

Below is a list of problem signs that may indicate you need the proper foundation repair.

* Floor to wall gaps
Uneven and bouncing floors
* Over-spanned floor joists
Drywall cracks
Cracked Bricks
* Sticking windows
* Hard to open doors
* Uneven doors
* Nail pops

Pier And Beam Foundation Repair: Cracks

Do you recognize any of these problem signs? If so, you need the help of a professional! These issues are not a simple "do it yourself" fix. Don't create further foundation damage with the improper repairs.

What Causes Foundation Issues? 
Multiple factors can cause foundation problems, including poor construction and poor soil.

Poor Construction: In some cases, the soil your home was built on wasn't prepared correctly. Therefore, this leads to settlement problems in the future. Also, construction mistakes such as over-spanned floor joists will cause structural issues.

Environment: Mother Nature has no sympathy for your home's needs. In fact, heavy rains, droughts, and extreme heat can all harm your foundation.

Soil: Your soil is like a sponge. When its wet, it expands. When its dry, it shrinks. So, if the weather is hot and dry, the soil beneath your home will shrink and harden. If the weather is rainy, the soil will expand and soften. This leads to settlement problems for your home.

How To Repair Pier and Beam Foundations
The source of the problem will indicate the necessary solutions. At Indiana Foundation Service, we use tested and proven foundation repair solutions, including helical piles and push piers. Furthermore, each solution will be developed by your side to fit your home's specific needs.