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Basement Floor Cracks: Causes And Fixes

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Do you have basement floor cracks? 

Multiple factors can lead to basement floor cracks, from environmental factors and settlement to poor concrete mix.

Improper curing or concrete mix will cause hairline cracks. This may not be a foundation problem at first, but it can quickly become an issue. If the crack grows wider or the edges don’t match, you will need to have your home inspected to check your foundation.

What causes foundation settlement? Simply put, this occurs when the soil beneath your home can no longer support its weight. Settling is caused by substandard soil, heavy rain, droughts or natural disasters.

Fixing basement floor cracks

The crack may be a cosmetic problem. In this case, you can simply patch it up. Otherwise, you may have a foundation issue that needs to be addressed right away.
Foundation problems are not a DIY project! This work should solely be done by a professional before the problem grows larger and causes further foundation damage. Contact us to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

Foundation Repair Solutions 

The severity of your basement floor crack will usually dictate the best solution. Nevertheless, we’ll work with you to develop the correct solution for your home. Every home’s needs are different and require specific adjustments depending on the situation.

In some cases, you may need PolyRenewal™. This is a high density polyurethane foam which is injected to level off the concrete. Once the foam dries without shrinking, your concrete slab will stabilize and minimize further settlement.

Your home may require a deep foundation solution if the problem is due to the soil below. If so, slab or push piers may be the correct solution. The piers are driven deep into the ground, until they reach bedrock or load-bearing soil. This is another opportunity to stabilize your home and lift it back up to its original level.

Want to learn more? Get a free inspection today! Or, give us a call at 800-978-6980 to speak with one of our experts.

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