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Hire a Basement Repair Contractor in Indianapolis – Signs of Good and Bad Guys

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So much goes into basement repairs, yet some homeowners can’t get it right when hiring contractors. Think about the cost of repairs, material, hours and the inconvenience your family has to endure during foundation repair or basement finishing. With these in mind, you wouldn’t want to gamble with your choice of contractor, would you?

In this post, we’ll show you whether a basement repair contractor is up to the task or just after your money.

Signs of Bad Contractors

While no homeowner plans to hire bad contractors, sometimes they just fall for the wrong guys. Any contractor who shows the following signs is up to no good:

1) Requests for a Huge Down Payment
Any contractor who asks you to put down more than 50% of the project fee upfront isn’t someone you should take seriously. It’s either because they’re broke or have a bad credit history. A reputable contractor should have money to cover for the initial repair works. If you’re going to offer any deposit, it’s because you want to show them you’re serious about the project.

2) Makes Verbal Assurances Only
It’s natural for basement contractors to sell themselves as “real pros” or the “best service in town.” Some will even offer you nice verbal suggestions instead of in writing. Don’t fall for their sweet talk. It’s marketing gimmickry. If anything the contractor says doesn’t appear in the contract, bid them goodbye and start looking for another contractor.

3) Ask for Unnecessary Amenities
This is a no brainer. Any contractor who asks you to buy amenities that don’t fit anywhere in the repair work is out to fleece you. Always find out why the contractor needs a certain fixture or amenity and find out the costs of buying one. Get the opinion of another contractor if you’re in doubt.

4) Downplays Your Concerns
Before commissioning repairs, it’s likely you’ll have questions that need solid answers or explanations. Any basement contractor who tells you “everything is going to be fine” or “don’t you worry about that” isn’t someone you should trust to finish your basement repair project in Indianapolis, IN.

5) Vague Basement Repair Contract
Look out for discrepancies in what the basement repair contractor tells you, gray areas, or omissions from their verbal assurances. A dubious contractor will likely leave out important details of the work such as the deadline or scope of work. Since the deliverables are not clear, they’ll take advantage of that to arm-twist you to pay more money.

6) No Known Customers
So many homeowners get recommendations from friends or neighbors when searching for basement contractors. If you approach a contractor but they can’t point out any homeowner they’ve serviced recently in your neighborhood, don’t proceed with them.

7) No Real Office
When the contractor shows up in your home after the first call but is hesitant to tell you where they’re located, that’s a bad sign. The same goes for contractors who say they’re a mobile repair service, operating from non-branded vehicles.

Signs of Good Contractors

With a bit of due diligence, you can find legit contractors for your basement repairs. You’ll not only get outstanding results with repair, but value for money. Here are some signs of the good guys:

1) Valid State License
A good contractor should provide you with their license number so you can verify whether it’s in good standing with the state board or not. You can determine if it’s up to date, has valid insurance, and if they’re facing legal action.

2) Positive Reviews from Customers
If you notice that the basement repair contractor in Indianapolis, IN, has garnered many positive reviews or has glowing feedback on their website, Yelp or BBB, that’s a sure sign customers are happy with the quality of their repairs and work in general. So you should enlist their help.

3) Solid Contract
A good basement contractor will lay out everything they’re going to do and give you a breakdown of the costs involved. When you’re signing the contract, you will have a good picture of what they’re going to do, how much you’ll spend, and when they’ll finish the project.

4) Offers Warranty
A reputable contractor won’t just give you verbal reassurances that their work or repairs are good. They will back it up with a warranty that covers repairs or waterproofing installation just in case your basement doesn’t hold up for the duration they indicated. In this case, they will come back to redo the work.

5) Liability Insurance
Basement repair jobs are fraught with risks. A technician could get injured or property could get damaged. Whenever there is a mishap, you don’t want to shoulder responsibility for the contractor’s negligence or mistakes. That’s where the liability insurance comes in. If your contractor has it, that’s a sign they’re genuine.

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