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What Creature Is Living in My Basement?

An animal has moved into your basement, but you're not certain if it is a bird, a mouse, or a raccoon. Here are several clues that will help you figure this out.

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If strange noises have been coming from your basement night after night, you probably have invaders in your home. Don’t worry; these are not human invaders. These are furry (or slimy) and small creatures that can do a lot of damage. Having unwanted animals in your home is never pleasant and getting rid of them can be a problem. In case you have noticed that an animal is living in your basement and it’s not your cat, you are probably wondering what kind of animal it is and how to get it out of your home. 

signs of animals in your house

Here are some of the most common unwanted house guests you may come across: 


There are so many reasons you should fix foundation cracks as soon as you notice them. One of them is rodent invasion. These little animals can move into your basement as soon as they notice a way in, and they can easily make their way into your home through a crack in the concrete. Although they will most likely invade your home during colder months when they are looking for shelter from the snow and rain, you can also spot them in summer. If a rodent nests in your walls it can destroy the wires and everything else that it finds. 

Mice, rats, squirrels, and chipmunks are some of the rodents you may find in your basement. They all leave droppings behind them; the only difference is that squirrels make a bigger mess since they are larger than other rodents. If you cannot determine which rodent has inhabited your basement, just pay attention to the area where  damage has occured. Mice and rats will keep their destruction closer to the ground, while squirrels and their larger counterparts can cause damage closer to the ceiling. 


While snakes won’t put your home’s health at risk, they can be a safety threat to you and your family members. Snakes usually go where it’s warm, so if any of them have found a way into your basement, you will see them near your sump pump battery, your HVAC system, your heater, or other appliances that emit heat. If children or pets come close to these appliances without knowing a snake is there, they might get bitten. So how can you tell that you have a snake in your basement? These reptiles cannot be easily seen in a dark and unfinished basement. However, you can be on the lookout for snakeskin. In addition, keep an eye on your pets and the way they behave. If they no longer wish to go near a certain utility in the basement, you should contact your local  exterminator in Indianapolis, IN


Regardless of what animal moves into your basement unwanted, it is never a pleasant experience. However, raccoons tend to take things to an entirely different level. Their paws allow them to tear into the insulation, destroy the drywall and inflict a lot of damage all over your home. If a pregnant raccoon moves in looking for a warm place to have its babies, you will have a whole new problem on your hands. 

If you have a raccoon in your basement, you will quickly notice its presence. Just like rodents, raccoons leave feces all over the place.. However, they are much noisier, and you will surely hear if this animal is destroying your basement. If you have a raccoon in your house, don’t try to catch it on your own. Leave it to the professionals, since without appropriate protective equipment you could get seriously hurt. 

Bats and Birds 

If you don’t close your door quickly, there is a chance that bats and birds will fly into your basement. While bats won’t compromise the structural integrity of your house, they can impact your health. These creatures can bring in various diseases and make your family sick. Birds can also bring bacteria into your home, but unlike bats, they can cause quite a lot of damage. If there is a bird stuck in your basement, it will do anything to get out, destroying everything in its way. 

If you notice feathers and smeared windows in your basement, you definitely have a bird that is trapped down there. Also, birds will build nests in order to make themselves more comfortable. Since there are no twigs in your basement, they will use any materials they can find. If you do not know in what part of the basement a bird has nested, just follow the path of feces. On the other hand, bats do not make nests, and you will have to lean on your eyes and ears to detect these creatures. 

Getting Rid of Unwanted Invaders 

Building and maintaining a stable and healthy home is not an easy task. There are so many factors that can damage your foundation, lead to cracks, compromise its stability, and cause damage that needs to be repaired. Trying to stay on top of everything is already a full-time job, so having home invaders in your basement can be a huge nuisance. 

Unfortunately, your professional contractors cannot help you with removing those animals from your home. Whether you have mice, rats, birds, snakes, or raccoons living in your basement, they cannot get rid of the animals, but they can recommend specific exterminators or animal control representatives that will solve your problem. Therefore, call your contractors in the Indianapolis, IN, area and ask for recommendations. When the unwanted guests are finally out of your home, schedule a free inspection, and your contractors will come to your home and see what needs to be repaired so that your home is healthy again. 

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