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benefits of a clean crawl space

Though the crawl space is concealed, it actually determines the quality of indoor air and the energy efficiency of your home. Nearly 50% of air originates from this space. When it’s clean and dry, you and your loved ones can breathe easy and go about your daily lives in peace. The converse holds true if it’s dirty, debris-filled and exposed. If you truly value the health of your family, have this space cleaned. You can undertake basic preparation including removing belongings and foreign objects. But when it comes to cleaning, leave it to seasoned professionals.

What Does Cleaning Entail and What are the Costs?

On top of your mind could be how much you’re going to spend as cleanup costs. Well, we’ll give you a breakdown of the costs and what cleaning entails as well as how long the exercise will take.

Pest removal

Mice, rats, raccoons, and bats may nest in your crawl space for a long time. Eventually, they’ll contaminate the walls and home insulation with urine, fur, and feces. These contaminants could pose health risks as they may spread diseases across your home. You wouldn’t want to expose your loved ones to disease-causing organisms, would you? Set aside roughly $2,000 to $3000 for pest eradication from a company that specializes in pest control.

Mold and fungi removal

Perennial moisture issues could mean your crawl space is already infected by the time you’re cleaning it. Telltale signs include worsening asthma, breathing problems, itchy eyes, and runny nose. An inspection can reveal the extent of the problem, and what parts need remediation. For this, set aside at least $2,000.

Fungi may also manifest as white mushrooms. While this doesn’t pose a serious health risk, it could make your allergies worse, so they must be eliminated. Most remediation companies offer mold and fungi removal as well as treatment.

Waste removal and decontamination

Once you eliminate the pests, you will have to clean up their droppings. Professionals may sweep this space then use a high powered vacuum cleaner to mop up dust and small droppings quickly. Afterward, they will dispose of the droppings and any contaminated material. Decontamination may be necessary in case of a serious pest infestation.  And that means using disinfectants to kill bacteria. For this, set aside at least $2,000.

Insulation removal

Upon inspecting this space, the cleaner may find your insulation material is torn or damaged, so it won’t be of much use in helping you create an energy-efficient home. Because of this, it will have to go. Removing and replacing it may cost you from $1,500 to $3,000.

Debris removal

Your crawl space may have accumulated construction materials, rocks, branches, leaves and other debris that’s been washed inside by running water. All these make the crawl space dirty and unsightly, so they have to go. A cleaning professional could charge you from $750 to $2,500.

Water removal

If there’s stagnant water, it could be contributing to moisture problems and encouraging mold. It has to be drained out. Removing water may cost you at least $1,500. Check to ensure there’s no clogged drainage or leaky pipes. If there’s any leaky pipe, fix it.

Additional Expenses

Once the cleaning has been done, you may have to encapsulate the crawl space to lock out pests and moisture. This may cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,500. You’ll also have to seal vents and openings that let in critters and dust. Again, this will cost you money. Set aside at $2,000 to $4,000 for all miscellaneous expenses.

What Determines the Cost to Clean a Crawl Space?

No two crawl spaces are exactly the same in terms of size and condition. If the area that needs cleaning is dirty or difficult to access or has a serious pest infestation or huge mounds of droppings, you will likely pay more to have the entire place cleaned and disinfected. You’ll also pay more if the crawl space is big as that means cleaning will take more work hours to clean it up.

A well-maintained crawl space is much easier to clean than a dirty or mold-infested one. Make sure your space is in good shape before cleaning starts. Otherwise, the cleaners will spend more time cleaning the crawl space. And this means you’ll pay more for the whole exercise.

Note: We’ve given conservative estimates. The costs could be higher depending on the contractor and the amount of effort required as well.

Struggling with moisture issues? Have a dirty crawl space that’s making indoor living a nightmare for you and your loved ones? Schedule a free crawl space inspection today and get solid advice and recommendations on what you should do during the cleanup.

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