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Crawl Space and Colder Months

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How Cold Weather Effects Your Crawl Space

The weather is starting to become cold, and as the temperature outside changes, so will the temperature inside your home. Cold weather outside can create cold floors, even if your crawl space is insulated.

The stack effect describes the upward movement of air through your home beginning at its lowest point, the crawl space. As the cold air rises it brings up mold, nasty smells, and dust mite feces into your home.

The stack effect directly effects air quality and temperature inside your home. Although some people tend to believe that fiber glass floor insulation is the best way to keep your home warm, we have found that insulating the crawl space walls is a much more effective approach.

This method of insulating will help prevent cold air from even entering the crawl space.
During the cold months a crawl space without proper insulation will cause your heating system to work harder to keep your home warm, increasing your energy bills.

By hiring a company to properly insulate your crawl space, you and your family can enjoy a warm, healthy home during the winter months. Call Indiana Foundation Service today at (800) 978-6980 or fill out the form below to have a free crawl space inspection today! We will make sure to keep you warm this winter season.

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