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Foundation Cracks and Infestations

Will the contractors waterproofing your foundation also help you get rid of any infestations? If not, what can you do to get pests out of your home?

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The diversity of wildlife in Indianapolis, IN, can be breathtaking under the right circumstances. There’s a difference, though, between seeing a family of raccoons in the wild and finding a pack of them nesting in your foundation.

More often than not, animals and insects are able to find their way into your home when your foundation’s started to crack. But if you call a foundation repair contractor to fix those cracks, can you rely on them to also help you get the unwanted visitors out of your home?

The Correlation

Not all foundation cracks are leaks, but a fair percentage of the leaks in your basement is going to stem from cracks. In this way, cracks serve as miniature doorways into your home. The more of them you have, or the larger they get, the easier it’s going to be for something – be it water or a critter – to get inside.

Cracks form for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, your home may be enduring more hydrostatic pressure than usual, and your home will be shifting to compensate. Other times, you’ll have planted a tree with invasive roots too close to your perimeter, and the roots may be breaking up your foundation.

These and other crack-inducing opportunities are the perfect moments for the critters in your yard or soil to release – that insulated place is much warmer and safer than the outdoors.

That said, critters can also form the cracks that eventually turn into leaks throughout your foundation. Termites, for example, will make quick work of the wooden supports in your foundation and leave ruin in their wake.

Infestations and foundation cracks go hand-in-hand. With that in mind, how can you protect your home, and can a foundation repair contractor help you retake your space?

Contractors and Infestations: Can They Treat Them?

If a cracked foundation so often lets insects and animals into your home, shouldn’t a foundation repair contractor be able to help you get them out?

Theoretically, yes – but in practice, no. There are distinct qualification differences between the professions of “foundation repair contractor” and “exterminator.” Foundation repair contractors need to receive specific licensing and certifications to do what they do around your home. They’ll have access to a toolset that’s designed to help rid your basement of water and structural damage and to identify the possible symptoms of that damage.

Exterminators, comparatively, have their own qualifications that the states in which they operate require them to meet. An exterminator won’t be able to crack inject the entry point that’s formed in your basement, but she will be able to treat your basement for termites or help you remove a family of squirrels from your home.

In summary, your basement repair contractor may be able to hook you up with a temporary sealant that discourages animal visitors as well as water, but they don’t always have the qualifications to safely treat an infestation in your home. If you think you’re dealing with animals larger or small – or, of course, insects – reach out to your local exterminator or animal control.

Infestation Signs To Look Out For

While your contractor may not be able to help you remove the critters from your home, they can help you identify signs of an infestation. If you suspect you have some unwelcome house guests, keep an eye out for the following:

  • More insects than normal
  • Movement in your walls
  • Unusual amounts of unidentifiable debris
  • Mud
  • Peeling paint
  • Weakened floors
  • Open containers in the kitchen
  • Disrupted trash
  • Water damage

If you notice any combination of these signs in your home, you’ll want to reach out both to a basement repair contractor and to your local Indianapolis, IN, exterminator. With any luck, the two parties will be able to piggyback off each other to fix any weak points in your home.

The work foundation repair contractors do requires training and certifications, just like any other profession. While contractors and exterminators may have to tackle many of the same issues, one cannot do the other professional’s job. However, if you think you’re dealing with both a basement leak and an infestation, talk to your local basement repair contractor to see if they have any exterminator contacts. If you’re lucky, you may be able to arrange treatment at a discounted rate.

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