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Repairing Foundations in Indianapolis, Bloomington And Nearby

Foundation wall cracks, uneven floors, collapsing retaining walls, and bowing walls are some common foundation problems associated with Indiana homeowners. Although there are many causes to why our foundations begin to settle or crack, many of them begin with the soil surrounding the home structure.

Picture if your house was in the middle of the ocean — for you to enjoy living there you would want a stable surface beneath your foundation. Despite the fact that water is a horrible foundation stabilizer, the idea here is that calm and serene water would be livable; whereas, severe and undulating water would be disastrous. Kind of like the soil surrounding your home.

Indiana Foundation Service has a trained and experienced staff of certified in-house foundation repair engineers who specialize in foundation repairs for home improvement. Wall stabilization, wall anchoring, and foundation settlement repairs are just some of the foundation services we offer to our clients.

If you’ve noticed wall cracks or slab floor cracks in your foundation, don’t hesitate to call us. Our staff could schedule you an appointment with one of our foundation experts at your convenience. Our company offers a free: inspection, consultation, and written quote of your foundation repair cost.

Common Foundation Issues:

Bowing Foundation Walls

Foundation walls begin to bow and buckle inward when the force against them exceeds their ability to withstand this pressure.

Failing foundation walls will crack and leak, and if you have a finished basement, they can lead to cracks in the finished walls. Bowing walls may eventually collapse and should be addressed right away.

We repair bowing walls from the outside with our Wall Anchor System.

When outside access is not possible, we recommend our IntelliBrace™ System.

Our solutions will do more than simply stop inward movement  they can also be used to straighten the walls back to their original position.

Learn more about bowing, buckling walls.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement occurs when the soils underneath a foundation are unable to support the weight of the structure that’s resting on them.

A settling foundation will mean a great deal of damage to your home— including cracked foundation walls, cracked drywall, doors and windows out of square, and tilting chimneys. As foundation damage goes unaddressed, it will become more difficult to repair.

Our foundation piers are a great option for repairing sinking structures of all types.

These sturdy, corrosion-resistant piers can stabilize and lift your foundation back to a stable position— permanently!

Learn more about foundation settlement.

Sinking Floors Over Crawl Spaces

Floors over crawl spaces begin to sink in three scenarios: When there are too few supports, when the supports begin to sink into the ground, and when the structural wood holding up your floor begins to rot and grow mold.

When crawl space structures experience settlement, the entire home above can begin to show damage. Drywall will crack, doors will stick and floors will become uneven. If the crawl space is damaged by mold, there may also be moldy, musty odors upstairs.

Rugged steel supports, like the IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Support System, can quickly restore your structure. If your structure was sinking due to mold and rot, your crawl space should also be dehumidified and encapsulated to prevent further damage.

Click Here to Learn More About Sagging Crawl Spaces.

Not only does our company offer the most effective solutions for structural repairs, we also use state-of-the-art products through GroundWorks.

GroundWorks is the largest foundation repair company in the United States. GroundWorks specializes in residential foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and concrete leveling.

At Indiana Foundation Service, we meet all local and international standards and bring that warrantied, proven quality straight to your door. Contact us today to schedule your free quote!

Our Company Offers Permanent Foundation Solutions to Indiana Homes

Fixing a foundation sounds like a daunting task for anyone; not for our experienced home foundation contractors. We typically takes less than seven days to complete a home foundation repair!

Not only are we efficient at repairing foundations – all of our systems come with a written warranty. This way you know the problem was fixed right, giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

Issues like sticking windows and doors, concrete slab cracks, and bulging walls can greatly diminish your home’s market value and eventually expose your home to long-term damage. Our foundation repair systems are designed to help your structure return back to its original positioning and, more importantly, permanently repair your foundation.

Regardless of what the foundation problem in your Indiana home is, Indiana Foundation Service conducts a thorough inspection and offers industry-wide innovative solutions that will stabilize your foundation and restore value to your greatest investment.

We’re your local foundation repair company, offering our proud services to Indiana residents. Our service area ranges from Indianapolis and Bloomington to Muncie, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Anderson, Kokomo, Carmel and neighboring towns.

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