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Is Your Home’s Foundation Sinking under the Pressure?

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The truth is, your home’s foundation is only as stable as the ground it was built on. Furthermore, it’s important to address any concerns you have right away before they become much more costly. Your home’s foundation sinking should never be taken lightly, and we suggest yearly inspections to identify areas of concern.

The technicians at Indiana Foundation Service consider every inch of a structure, as well as the surrounding environment, for efficiency and safety. Following the inspections, they’ll work with you directly to develop the correct solutions for your home’s specific needs.

What are the key parts of your home’s foundation? The foundation walls, footings, and soils in rest on to be exact. Moreover, if the weight of your structure is greater than the bearing capacity of the soil below, the structure will begin to settle. Therefore, the more stress placed on the ground below your home, the more likely your home will shift.

Foundation Sinking: Key parts of your home's foundation
Key parts of your home’s foundation.

Foundation Sinking Causes

Inconsistent moisture content in the soil and soil erosion will quickly compromise the stability of your foundation. Moreover, weather and changing temperatures will cause hydrostatic pressure on your foundation walls. There are many different types of soil and each has its own allowable bearing capacity, with bedrock and gravel being the strongest.

Additionally, there are plenty of things that can cause your foundation to give in. From poor soil conditions to bad drainage, potential damage is always right around the corner. You can take control by addressing the issues in a prompt manner. Have your home inspected annually!

At Indiana Foundation Repair, we’ll make sure to provide you with the correct solutions to sinking foundation issues. Learn more about foundation repair solutions and never overlook your home’s stability.

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