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Snow and Your Foundation

The holidays have passed, but this cold weather hasn’t. With cold weather brings snow, and although the white winter wonderland flakes bring happiness to the eyes, many do not know that snow can be damaging for your home.

When melted snow, ice, or frost enter in the cracks in the soil around your foundation, they will begin to put pressure against your home. This pressure causes settlement.

During the summer, your soil dries out. Dry soil causes cracks and settlement to occur within your home. When winter comes around, unfortunately your soil does not get a break, because the colder air will dry out your soil too.

Melted snow, frost, and ice will seep into those cracks and gather around the foundation of your home. Eventually, all of the water will start to cause pressure to push up against the foundation of your home. This pressure causes cracks to appear in the walls of your interior and exterior walls, your floors to sink, and your doors and windows to stick.

When the water from the melted snow, ice, or frost enter those cracks, they can also cause water damage to your home’s crawl space and basement. The water will trickle down to your home’s crawl space or basement causing flooding and other water damage which will be much more expensive than you may imagine.

Another problem is water freezing. The melted snow, frost, or ice are prone to refreezing in the cracks which causes the cracks to grow larger. As they continue to grow larger, the settlement in your home will continue to get worse.

Don’t let snow be the reason your foundation falls this winter season. Call Indiana Foundation Service at (800) 978-6980 or fill out the form below to have a free foundation inspection on your home. We’ll make sure your home is safe.

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