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corner crack on interior bottom frame near window

The colder months are here. As the weather drops, your home’s foundation could be in trouble if it is not properly taken care of. With the holiday season fast approaching, no one wants to worry about their home repair. However, with the cold comes foundation problems, so it is important that your home is safe for you and your family!

One of problems that occur from colder weather is shrinking soil. Colder weather makes the air dry which removes the water from the soil, causing this shrinking soil, and leading to settlement and movement.

This settlement can cause various types of foundation problems to your home depending on your foundation type.

Slab foundation problems include cracked floors and wall problems. Cracks through your floor are present, along with your walls pulling apart, separating from the ceiling.

Your home’s doors, windows, and walls can also experience signs of settlement if you have a crawl space or basement. Stair shape cracks in your walls, and difficulty opening and closing your doors or windows are signs that you have foundation problems.

Moisture is another cause of foundation problems that will happen because of the colder weather. For example, frost and snow as it melts will enter the cracks that were caused due to the shrinking soil. Water that enters these cracks can damage your basement or foundation.

The holiday season is full of busy hustle and bustle, and the last thing you want to think about is the structural integrity of your home. Foundation problems are not on your mind but are very present when shrinking soil and cold weather are present!

Contact Indiana Foundation Service today to schedule a free foundation inspection! Cold weather shouldn’t ruin your holiday season or your foundation!

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