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There is no better time to inspect your home’s foundation then Spring. The soil begins to dry out from last season’s rain and snow, and it’s important to check your home’s structural integrity. You can contact Indiana Foundation Service to conduct your Spring foundation inspection or you can go at it yourself.

Spring Foundation Inspection: Make A Footprint Of Your Home

First, take graph paper and make a sketch of the outline of your home.

Inspect Doors and Windows

What you should look for:
1) Doors and windows out of square
2) Cracks in the corners of doors or windows
3) Separation of doors or windows from the framing or exterior finish

Open and shut your doors and windows to ensure they are working properly.

Check Your Floor

Analyze your home for cracks, sudden drop offs or rises. Also, any gaps between the floor and the wall are an obvious sign of foundation problems.

This is where a laser level comes into play. Take measurements on both sides of the room, then compare them. If there are any difference, take notes!

Check Walls and Ceilings for Cracks

Note any of the following signs:
1) Drywall cracks
2) Cracks that follow drywall seams
3) Drywall tape buckling, pulling or ripping

Lastly, note the direction, width and severity of the cracks.

Spring Foundation Inspection: Inspect the Exterior of your Home

Check for any shifting or sinking around the exterior of your home. If you notice any of the problem signs during your personal inspection, contact a professional contractor that specializes in structural repairs. Furthermore, the stability of your home’s foundation is as serious as it gets. It’s important to put your home in the right hands when selecting a foundation repair company.

Foundation problems will not go away on their own. Consequently, they’ll get worse if you ignore them. Nevertheless, foundation settlement can be permanently stabilized using engineered solutions. Call Indiana Foundation Service before the problem gets worse and the value of your home declines.

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