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Creepy Crawlers: Summer Guide

Pests can invade your home during the summertime. Here’s how to fend them off

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Most people will tell you they love summer more than any other season. The warm temperatures allow us to go outside, enjoy the sun in our backyard, barbecue, and drink cool beverages with our friends and families. However, this time of year is a favorite for pests too. They emerge from their shelters and go about their routines just like us.

Pests like wasps, ants, snakes, and mice, need places to nest and breed. Unfortunately, many of them will choose the comfort of your crawl space or basement. As such, their actions will turn into various problems for you. These problems include both foul smells and structural damage that can disrupt the overall comfort of your home.

In the following, we’ll discuss how to make your crawl space less hospitable to pests and avert future pest-related damage to your crawl space or basement.

Which Pests Are Hiding in My Crawl Space or Basement?

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To understand what you can do about your pest problem, you’ll first need to find out which type of pests are lurking in your crawl space or basement. Here are some of the most common pests you can count on during summertime:


Since most crawl spaces and basements are humid and full of moisture, they will attract all kinds of insects, especially ants. Ants are very small but can nonetheless be a pesky nuisance. The biggest problem with ants is that they’re social insects, living in colonies. Because of their great numbers, they will quickly damage the wooden elements in your crawl space or basement as they search for food and a place to shelter and expand their colony.


During the hot, summer days, crickets will seek dark, damp places in your crawl space or basement to nest. Unfortunately, just like ants, they gather in large numbers, making it seemingly impossible to eliminate them. They feed on a variety of things that are found in crawl spaces or basements like fungus, wood, and fabric. Nothing in your crawl space or basement will be safe from them should they make their way in and you’ll need to act quickly to eradicate them to protect your belongings.

Mice and Rats

Although most homeowners think that mice and rats invade our homes in the winter, these pests are present during the warmer part of the year too. They try to escape the heat and look for a place to cool off. Sadly, your crawl space or basement seems like a perfect place to do so. The worst part about having mice and rats in your home is that they carry diseases, seriously endangering your family’s health and wellbeing.


Since many crawl spaces have open vents, snakes can easily make their way inside. These animals are dangerous. They enjoy a dark, damp environment and your crawl space is just that. From lurking for prey to laying eggs, snakes will begin to nest in your home if you don’t prevent them.

Bees and Wasps

Chances are that you’ll see bees and wasps around your home this summer, just like any other year. They also nest in your crawl space or basement and are, as you probably know, rather dangerous. Their stings can cause numerous complications if you’re allergic, so it’s best to eliminate them as soon as possible.

How to Solve a Pest Infestation in Your Crawl Space This Summer

The best way to go about this problem is to encapsulate your crawl space. This solution will make entering the crawl space much more difficult for pests. Furthermore, it will eliminate moisture in your lower level. Encapsulation is all about reducing humidity and preventing leaks by sealing the crawl space. By doing so, you can help deter pests from ever coming into your home again. This technique involves adding a vapor barrier to exposed floors and columns, as well as sealing off crawl space vents with vent covers. Although it seems logical to keep these vents open, doing so will allow both pests and moist air to come in and wreak havoc in your crawl space. To encapsulate your crawl space properly, you’ll need the help of your local crawl space repair experts.

Another great option you can combine with the previous two is to install a dehumidifier. It will keep your crawl space humidity levels optimal, meaning that pests will find this area less suitable for nesting and breeding. However, installing a dehumidifier requires frequent maintenance and inspection to make sure it’s working the way it should.

Some Other Helpful Solutions

In addition to the above, you can also do the following:

  • Pesticides: Your local pest control company can apply pesticides in strategic places in your crawl space. These chemicals are pretty dangerous, so it’s best to leave this work to experienced professionals.
  • Taps: Setting traps for mice and rats is a great option. Your local exterminators can use these as well to get rid of pests.
  • Clear nearby bashes: You can make a world of difference by clearing out the bushes surrounding your home. Overgrown bushes can be a home to all sorts of animals, so it’s best to trim them down and add to the overall look of your landscape.  

If you wish to seal your crawl space, look no further than Indiana Foundation Service. Our team in Indianapolis, IN, will be more than happy to visit your home and provide you with proper encapsulation and insulation. With their help, your home will be less prone to pest invasion and mold infestation. Contact us for your free inspection and get your family ready for a carefree summer with pool parties and barbecues in your backyard.

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