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Grated Drainage Pipe

Grated Drain Pipe

A Grated Drainage Pipe resembles half of a basement drainage pipe – like our BasementGutter™ system – with a grated opening fitted snugly on top.

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Basement Trench Drain

Many homeowners have contacted us with concerns about water flowing into their homes through hatchway entrances, down stairways, or through garage doors. When we encounter this kind of situation, we usually recommend our Grated Drainage Pipe system.

A Grated Drainage Pipe resembles half of a basement drainage pipe – like our BasementGutter™ system – with a grated opening fitted snugly on top. The grate is flush or slightly below the floor, eliminating any tripping hazard. It is uniquely designed to span doorways, hatchway entrances, and similar entryway doors. Any water passing over the drain is collected through the openings and redirected to your sump pump.

Our interior French drain systems can solve any basement flooding issue  no matter what challenges you’re facing! To schedule a free, no-obligation drainage pipe installation quote, contact us today! Our waterproofing specialists serve throughout our Indiana service area, including Bloomington, Indianapolis, and nearby.

Advantages To Our System:

  • Grated Openings Collect Flooding Water
  • Removable Lid For Cleaning and Service
  • Designed To Create No Tripping Hazards
  • Compatible With Our Other Drain Systems
  • Works With Radon Mitigation Systems
  • Includes A Written Lifetime Warranty

Basement Grated Drainage Pipe: Stop Flooding Through Garage Doors

Grated Drainage Pipe

Our Grated Drainage Pipe System has a removable lid that can be taken off to remove leaves, dirt, or debris that could clog your system. This drain can also be fitted and made compatible with an existing radon mitigation system.

Many of our customers have the Grated Drainage Pipe System installed along the opening to their garage door. In this application, the drain will intercept the water and direct it to your sump pump system.

We always recommend installing the drain along the inside of the garage, where it’s much less likely to freeze during the winter months.

Installing our drain along the inside of the door will also protect the system from clogging with outside debris such as dirt, sand, sticks, and leaves.

Basement Grated Drainage Pipe: Hatchway Doors…

When installing this system on hatchway doors, we will generally recommend installing them inside the hatchway entrance (instead of in the basement itself) when possible.

Since the Grated Drainage Pipe System includes a grated opening, it separates the drain from the basement as much as possible.

Install a Warrantied Basement Grated Drainage Pipe System In Your Home!

Including a section of Grated Drainage Pipe in your full-perimeter drainage pipe system does not add any additional cost to the completed waterproofing system. Even if your hatchway isn’t leaking now, we recommend installing this system just in case.

We’d like to provide you with a free basement waterproofing quote for your home. Our free quotes are available to homeowners within our Indiana service area and include an on-site inspection, a professional consultation, and a written, customized cost quote. To schedule your free quote, contact us today!

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