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PolyRenewal® Concrete Leveling

PolyRenewal® concrete leveling is an expansive, polyurethane foam that is injected underneath sunken concrete slabs.


How PolyRenewal® Concrete Leveling Works

PolyRenewal® concrete leveling is an expansive, polyurethane foam that is injected underneath sunken concrete slabs. Small holes are drilled through the sunken concrete slab and the pressurized PolyRenewal® foam is sprayed into the hole through a specialized hose and nozzle. The foam quickly expands to fill any empty space below the slab.

As the PolyRenewal® expands, it lifts the sunken slab back up to its original position. The foam is injected through a series of small holes to ensure that the slab lift is level. After injection the drilled holes are filled with a concrete mortar, hiding any evidence of work done. The foam quickly cures, creating a strong foundation for the concrete. The cured foam can easily handle the weight of your car on your driveway. That’s it, you have level concrete.

The Benefits of PolyRenewal Concrete Leveling over other methods

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a well-known and advertised technique here in Indianapolis. While it may be effective in certain circumstances it is not a good idea for sunken slab repair. Concrete grinding involves taking a disk grinder and shaving off the level concrete slab so it meets the sunken slab. While this does get rid of any exposed edge it also weakens the concrete. It also does nothing to prevent the sunken concrete slab from continuing to sink.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing is simply adding a fresh layer of concrete on the sunken slab to create a level surface. Not only is this the most expensive option but it places additional weight on the slab. This is especially an issue for concrete over a weak soil base. The additional weight causes the originally sunken slab to now sink even faster.

Traditional Mudjacking (slab jacking, slab leveling, grout pumping)

PolyRenewal is an updated form of mudjacking. Traditional mudjacking also requires holes to be drilled into the sunken slab, but the holes are much larger. This is because instead of pumping a foam underneath the slab, a thick mudslurry is used instead. The pressurized mudslurry lifts the sunken slab back to its original position. While this does work, the heavy mudslurry can place additional stress on weak soil bases, resulting in the sunken slab to sink even faster.

PolyRenewal™ is a much lighter but equally strong material for mudjacking. PolyRenewal™ also cures much faster. While you will have to wait days for your driveway to cure with traditional slab jacking, you can park your car in under an hour with PolyRenewal™.

Free, no-obligation PolyRenewal concrete leveling estimate

Indiana Foundation Service fixes sunken concrete slabs for homeowners in Greater Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. It doesn’t matter where the problem is: garages, patios, sidewalks, driveways, stairs… we fix it all.

We have the years of experience, the specialty equipment and the dedication to service you need in a contractor. Using PolyRenewal®, we can lift and level any sunken concrete plaguing your home. See how PolyRenewal® works, and look through our past work in the before and after photo gallery.

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