Wall Repair Solutions for Cracked or Bowing Walls
Wall Repair Solutions for Cracked or Bowing Walls


Causes and Solutions for Cracking and Bowing Walls

Your home is considered a safe place for you and your family. You rely on its structural integrity to keep you all protected, but over time you cannot always trust the walls that keep it standing.

If you are seeing cracks in your outdoor or indoor walls or notice your basement walls are bowing, please be aware that these are tell-tale signs of having foundation settlement problems. These problems stem from two causes: hydrostatic pressure, and soil expansion.cracks

Hydrostatic pressure, one of the most common reasons for foundation problems, stems from excess water that gathers near or around your foundation and puts pressure against the walls of your foundation. This is what causes them to crack or bow. Soil expansion is caused by the moisture change in soil from the different seasons. This changing can cause large amounts of pressure to be put against your foundation.

Fortunately, Indiana Foundation Service has solutions for when your home is experiencing these problems.

    • Carbon Wall Fiber
      This solution, made from industrial epoxy, is form fitting to your walls and provides continuous support and stability to bowing foundation walls. The form fitting fibers make it easy to paint over as well so no part of the system can be seen for furnished basement types.
    • IntelliBrace Wall System
      This system, made from structural steel, helps stabilize and support foundation walls when there is little to no support on the outer portion of the walls. The IntelliBrace system will also continuously strengthen your walls over time.
    • Wall Anchors
      This wall repair system was created to permanently stabilize and support bowing or cracking foundation walls. It is designed to help support packed soil on the outside of your foundation, which gives a point to brace the walls of your foundation.
Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors


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