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Can Trees Damage Your Foundation?

Trees that grow too close to your home or that have invasive root systems can start to compromise your foundation’s structural integrity.

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As a homeowner, you want to make sure your space is both beautiful and pleasant to live in. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in gorgeous landscaping. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you may find that the trees you’ve planted in your yard can cause structural damage around your home. 

There are ways to balance a desire for a gorgeous lawn with your need to protect your space. You can work with foundation and basement repair contractors out of the Indianapolis, IN, area to waterproof your foundation or repair any damage already done to it by the trees in your area. Together, you can work to retain your home’s overall value without compromising the beauty of your yard. 

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How Can Trees Impact Your Home’s Health? 

While tree roots don’t actively chip away at the materials that make up your foundation, they can cause problems for you in the long run should they grow too close to your home. These roots can cause the soil beneath and around your foundation to shift. In shifting, that soil will leave behind gaps for your foundation to sink into. Should your foundation start to sink, you may find yourself contending with uneven floors, new foundation cracks, and unwanted internal moisture. You’ll also find that your home becomes more prone to hydrostatic pressure damage the longer it’s exposed to the shifting ways of tree roots. 

How to Protect Your Home from Tree Damage 

While you can’t always control Mother Nature, you can take steps to live in harmony with the tress you already have growing in your yard. Some of the best ways to keep these trees from impacting the structural integrity of your home include: 

Plant Non-Invasive Trees 

There are some types of trees that are more prone to rapid and broad growth than others. If at all possible, you’ll want to try and keep these trees out of your yard for the sake of your foundation. As you’re planning your landscaping options, talk with a representative at your local nursery to determine what trees they have in stock may best suit your interests. In the meanwhile, you may want to take steps to avoid planting the following: 

  • Bradford pears 
  • Weeping willows 
  • Chinese flame trees 
  • Eastern cottonwoods 
  • Ginkgo trees 
  • Southern magnolias 
  • Sweetgum trees 
  • Sycamore trees 
  • White mulberries 
  • Tulip poplars 
  • Mimosa trees 
  • Silver maples  

Transplanting Trees Throughout Your Yard 

If you do have one of the aforementioned trees in your yard, or if there’s a tree planted too close to your perimeter, you can opt to have that tree transplanted instead of chopping it down. You’ll need to work with the professionals in your area – or particularly ambitious relatives – to dig up the root system and find a new home for said tree. However, in committing to a transplant over a removal, you can preserve the tree’s beauty without compromising your home’s structural integrity. 

Note that you’ll want to treat the tree removal site with diluted root killer or another chemical treatment after you’ve transplanted the tree. This way, you can kill off any roots that may remain in the area and keep them from sprouting sapling replacements. 

Waterproofing Your Foundation 

It is never a bad idea to waterproof your foundation, even if you don’t have invasive trees in your yard. Home waterproofing measures can not only prevent root systems from having as much of an impact on your home, but they can also help you compensate for unpredictable weather in Indianapolis, IN. 

Some of the best waterproofing measures to invest in if you’re concerned about the structural integrity of your home include: 

  • Sump pumps 
  • Interior drains 
  • Vapor barriers  

You do have the opportunity to pair these measures with other home solutions such as dehumidifiers if you want to lower the overall humidity levels in your space. If you’re interested in discussing what kinds of repairs and waterproofing measures may best suit your home, don’t wait for your foundation to spring a leak. Instead, you can reach out to the professionals at Indiana Foundation Service for a free home inspection and repair quote on the services that can help protect you from invasive root systems and water damage.

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