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Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Kokomo, IN

Having reliable repair solutions installed by a local expert can help prevent water and foundation damage in and around your Kokomo home.

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Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing in Kokomo, IN

Kokomo, IN, sees 42 inches of rain each year, just slightly above the national average. However, the city only gets 187 sunny days a year, which is slightly under the national average. With this much rain and not much sun, mold growth can easily overtake your home.

It all starts in your basement or crawl space. If your Kokomo home’s foundation isn’t waterproof, then the mold will affect your daily life. The mold will grow on your concrete, drywall, and wood, since mold loves to eat organic materials. This will lead to structural deterioration in the future.

Properly insulating the basement or crawl space of your Kokomo home is just as important as waterproofing itself. Due to the stack effect, half of the air circulating in your home comes from your basement or crawl space. That includes all the moldy, dusty, humid air. Insulation will trap the air inside so that it doesn’t infiltrate your home. Indiana Foundation Service offers one of the best insulation materials on the market, AquaStop ExTremeBloc™.

But before you think about insulation, you need to think about waterproofing. What’s the point of trapping air in your foundation if the mold and humidity is still there wreaking havoc on your concrete and wood? Among the many waterproofing solutions you can have installed by our experts, reliable interior drainage is crucial. We also have our esteemed line of sump pumps, AquaStop, for both crawl space and basement drainage.

Given all the rain in this region, you may also need one of our vapor barriers. Our AquaStop CrawlSeal™ and AquaStop WallSeal™ vapor barriers will prevent water vapor from entering your Kokomo home.

Foundation Repair in Kokomo, IN

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Taking care of your foundation isn’t something that homeowners are taught. How to prevent foundation damage and how to spot the signs are things homeowners may not know until a foundation specialist talks to them about repairs. In Kokomo, IN, foundation damage is a given due to the soil.

The problematic clay soils of the region make it so that bowing walls and foundation settling are common in residential Kokomo homes. These two foundation problems get more severe as time goes on, resulting in costly repairs. Sagging floors, jammed doors, and basement leaking are only some of the problems you can experience when you have a damaged foundation. Figuring out what to do next is another ordeal, since there are so many things that need to be fixed.

Luckily, your local foundation experts are here to help. Indiana Foundation Service offers free inspections to all our customers, so we can tell you exactly what’s going on and what we can do for you. For basement wall bowing, we have wall anchors or SettleStop IntelliBrace™, a bracing system capable of straightening out your basement walls.

For settling, we’ve got various types of piers including helical piers, which are great for homes in Kokomo, IN. Helical piers work best when driven in soft soils, which most of the city’s terrain is composed of. This and many other permanent foundation solutions are available through us.

Concrete Lifting in Kokomo, IN

Your Kokomo property looks incredibly different when the slabs are all settling. Not only is it visually bothersome, but also settling slabs can be dangerous. Concrete slabs and steps settle because of something no homeowner can control: the soil. However, what can be controlled is the way that you have the slab repaired.

Having the right concrete lifting method installed is important because not all methods utilize the same materials. You need to choose an expert that can repair your concrete permanently, using a material that will work well with the soil under your slab. The best material to use for concrete lifting is polyurethane foam, which is the material we use for SettleStop PolyRenewal™. If you live in Kokomo, IN, then we can permanently repair your settling slabs and steps.

Polyurethane works well with the soil under your Kokomo property’s concrete because it’s very tough but lightweight. The material isn’t heavy enough to disrupt the soil and cause further erosion. It also never washes away, corrodes, or shrinks after being exposed to water. It is impermeable, so, it actually prevents water from reaching the soil and accelerating the shrink-swell cycle. These characteristics are what gives SettleStop PolyRenewal™ an advantage over other forms of concrete lifting and makes it the best material for the job.


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About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Kokomo

Having a dehumidifier in your crawl space or basement is crucial for humidity control. A sump pump can collect water that enters your foundation, but it can’t do anything about the moisture in the air. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, is designed to take in moisture and keep the air in your foundation dry, pure, and clean. There are different types of dehumidifiers in the market, and having the wrong one can be expensive because of repairs, heavy energy consumption, and low functionality. If you live in Kokomo, you’re in luck, because Indiana Foundation Service has one of the best dehumidifier units in the industry.

Our dehumidifier units are able to take in nearly 100 pints of water every single day, which is more than conventional dehumidifiers. Because they are less likely to overwork themselves by taking in more moisture than it’s capable of, our dehumidifiers break down less often and require less maintenance. With as much as it works, you might be worried about how this will affect your energy bill, but you don’t need to worry about that with our unit. Despite being able to take in more moisture than other dehumidifiers, our unit cycles 90% less and exceeds the ENERGY STAR® efficiency requirements.

You won’t have to worry about emptying out the container either, because our unit connects to the sump pump, so everything gets drained out automatically. Other dehumidifiers have loud fans that you can hear running from within your home, but not ours. We’ve added insulation around the fans of our units, so they run silently. All of these features exist in our dehumidifiers because we understand that comfort and convenience are what makes a homeowner happy.

If you’re an avid DIYer, then lifting a settled concrete slab might seem like an exciting project. However, concrete lifting should be left to the professionals for multiple reasons. The most important, however, is safety, since concrete slabs are extremely heavy and require either special tools or multiple people to lift.

Concrete settles because the soil under it has become unstable. Professionals have the right tools and skill sets to repair slabs without disrupting the soil or the compromised slab, so consider leaving the repair operations to those that can treat your slab with care. Another reason DIY methods don’t work is because the materials used don’t make for good lifting materials.

It’s one thing to even out a slab, and it’s another thing completely to provide it with a stable foundation. Professional lifting methods like SettleStop PolyRenewal™ can do both. By supporting the slab with something that won’t erode or shift, you are guaranteeing that the slab will no longer have settling problems. The materials for long-term solutions aren’t always available for Kokomo homeowners, so make sure you contact your local experts for a long-lasting solution that will not give you problems in the future.

Crawl spaces are big enough to fit pipes and your home’s electrical wires, but they are too small for anyone to inhabit the space. Because homeowners rarely visit that part of their home, the conditions of the crawl space are often ignored. If you happen to spot standing water in your crawl space, then know that this is detrimental to your entire home’s health. Crawl spaces typically are built with poor waterproofing solutions because of outdated building codes. It’s unfortunate that you have to be the one to fix up the crawl space, but if you don’t, you’ll spend more money on other repairs.

The biggest problem a wet crawl space can give you is a mold problem. Mold affects a home in more ways than one and sometimes causes structural deterioration. If water is getting into your crawl space, then, chances are, insects are able to get in too. Because of the stack effect, all the mold spores, humidity, and stench from the infestation in your crawl space can rise up, affect the air that you breathe, trigger allergies, and even raise your energy bill. A dry crawl space cannot affect your home this way, so for the safety of you and your loved ones, you need to invest in waterproofing solutions.

A wet crawl space structurally damages your home because of the way mold and water affect the wooden joists. Wood rot can soften up the wood or break it apart; either way, the floor joist will fail. The same thing happens if the wood is waterlogged and softened up. Your floors will begin to sag, and if this problem goes on for too long, your floorboards might break, and then you’ll have to replace the joists and the boards. Crawl space water is common in homes across Kokomo, but this doesn’t mean that it’s something you shouldn’t try to fix.

One of the reasons why foundation problems are so difficult to detect is because they manifest themselves as seemingly isolated problems around the home. A jammed door is one of those problems, so when faced with this issue, homeowners try to fix the door instead of their foundation. When a foundation is settling, it means that the house is either sinking entirely or tilting to one side. The soil under the foundation has eroded and left a gap that the house is now settling against, which is why the rest of the home is so heavily affected. As the foundation settles, the weight of the house is transferred to one side, and the pressure caused by this shift in weight is what warps your door frames.

Another way settling causes jammed doors is by affecting the floors. Because of the shift in weight, the floor joists are moved to one side by the pressure, resulting in an uneven floor. Depending on where the house has been affected the most, the raised portion of the floor can get in the way of the door when opening and closing it. If even just one door of your home is having this problem, then you need to check for more signs of foundation issues. If you don’t act fast, then more problems (and more repair costs) will arise.

If the foundation is settling, then this can be fixed with the use of helical piers or push piers. Pier systems are driven or pushed into the soil and then attached to your home’s foundation. The piers are installed deep underground until reaching the load-bearing soil layers below so that the weight of the house can be transferred to those capable soils. Foundation piers don’t just stop settling and provide support, they also can potentially lift the foundation until your home is even again. Essentially, they can fix your jammed door problems as they stabilize your Kokomo home permanently.

Miami soil is Indiana’s state soil, and Kokomo’s terrain is covered in it. Indiana’s state soil has a silt loam topsoil that’s very friable and granular, but just eight inches down, clay can be found in the soil. Clay soils can be very destructive, and they are the root of most foundation and slab damage. Clay soils are problematic because of the way they erode and disrupt the structures that depend on them for support.

When exposed to water, clay soils expand significantly. The moisture separates the space between each soil particle, which is what causes the expansion. This ability to retain water causes a lot of problems if you have a basement. When it rains or when snow melts in your yard, the water seeps down to the clay soils below and accumulates. If too much water gathers against your foundation, then hydrostatic pressure will be exerted onto your basement, causing the wall to bow inwards.

Clay soils also are the reason the concrete slabs around your home settle. Clay soils expand when saturated with water, but when that water content dries up, the soil shrinks. When it shrinks, it compresses together and loses a considerable amount of surface volume since the particles unite so closely together. Because of the loss in volume, a gap between the rest of the soil and the slab is formed. Because the slab is no longer supported by an even base, it settles against the soil when weight is placed on it.

A helical pier system is a permanent solution to the foundation settling problem. Once they are installed, they are meant to stay for as long as the house is there. The piers themselves are made of galvanized steel, and they are coated with zinc to prevent corrosion. This is crucial since steel corrodes quickly in acidic environments, and the soil of Kokomo, IN, is strongly acidic past 13 inches in depth. Despite the acidic soil, surrounding groundwater, and oxygen, helical piers resist corrosion because of its zinc coating.

One kind of foundation repair system, concrete piers, can be considered a short-term solution. This is because concrete as a material cannot withstand staying under soil and supporting a house for very long. The freeze-thaw effect causes concrete deterioration every year, resulting in the pier crumbling eventually. Concrete piers also are notorious for crumbling due to skin friction, which is when the soil exerts negative pressure onto the pier. Unable to handle the pressure from the skin friction plus the weight of the house, concrete piers break and leave the house without support once more.

Helical piers have a sleek design and can handle more pressure than concrete, so they aren’t affected by skin friction. Freeze-thaw also has no effect on the tough, steel rods. Because they never crumble or break apart, they are always there to stabilize your home; so, you don’t have to get them replaced.

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