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Are Crawl Space Inspections Worth It?

Man inspecting a crawl space with tool bag and flashlight.

Whether you’re moving somewhere new or renovating a home you’ve lived in for years, you need to take care of your crawl space. Who better to help you get started than a professional crawl space contractor?

Crawl space contractors usually provide an initial crawl space inspection to determine damages and provide you with a repair quote. But is the process even worth it?

In our opinion, it’s more than worth it—read on to learn more.

Why Should You Have Your Crawl Space Inspected?

Why are crawl space inspections important? First and foremost, they make you aware of the any issues in your crawl space. After all, the area isn’t always easy to keep an eye on, and things can quickly go unnoticed. With a professional inspection, it’s possible to identify and deal with any number of these problem signs:

Does My Crawl Space Need to Be Inspected?

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities—from repairs, to updates, to bills, to everyday family life. Amidst these tasks, it’s easy to overlook your crawl space, especially because it often feels “out of sight, out of mind”.

However, the crawl space serves as your home’s foundation. It keeps the entire structure standing, and it holds many of your home’s most important systems like air vents, water pipes, and electric wiring. For this reason, it should be treated with the same importance as any other part of your home.

How Do I Know My Crawl Space Needs an Inspection?

So when is the right time to have it inspected? Well, it’s a good rule of thumb to have your crawl space inspected at least once a year. But there are certain signs that can indicate you need a crawl space inspection as soon as possible. These include:

What makes these quirks special? They’re all signs of crawl space damage. If left unattended, these symptoms can evolve into severe structural damage throughout your home. Inspectors can catch this damage early and help you save on repairs.

What Does A Crawl Space Inspection Involve?

Worried about what an inspector will get up to while inspecting your crawl space? There’s no need to fret. Most inspectors break their exploratory process down into the following three steps:

Entry Inspection

A crawl space inspection doesn’t start in your crawl space. Instead, inspectors will need to look over your entry point before moving inside. For a crawl space’s entry point to pass muster, it must be a minimum of two feet wide and 18 inches tall.

If your crawl space is on the smaller side or otherwise appears to have been damaged or compromised, then your inspector will recommend that you have it repaired, regardless of the state of the rest of your crawl space.

Superficial Inspection

If an inspector determines that it’s safe to enter your crawl space, then he’ll perform a superficial inspection of the space as a whole. During this inspection, your inspector will look out for obvious signs of wear and tear.

This means standing water, mold clusters, a damaged vapor barrier, and so on. If an inspector finds anything wrong with your crawl space during this phase of the inspection, he’ll be able to provide you with a free quote on potential services before inspecting for structural damage.

Full Assessment

After an inspector has identified any glaringly obvious problems with your crawl space, he’ll take a closer look at the space’s bones. This way, both you and the inspector can determine whether or not your crawl space is structurally sound. Similarly, an inspector will be able to identify potential problem areas for you to reinforce.

Schedule a Free Crawl Space Inspection With Indiana Foundation Service

Indiana Foundation Service crew waving at camera.

If you think your crawl space needs an inspection, consider working with Indiana Foundation Service. With a professional inspection, you can make your entire home safer and more protected from moisture.

For 30 years, we have helped homeowners throughout Indiana transform their crawl spaces and homes with reliable solutions. Contact us today to book your free inspection and estimate with our expert team.

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