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IFS Crew in Crawl Space with Crawl Drain

Crawl Space Insulation

The ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation System: A Superior Solution For Sealing & Insulating Your Home’s Crawl Space

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What It Does:

ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation is the superior choice for a dry, energy-efficient crawl space.

ExTremeBloc™ combines highly effective graphite-impregnated insulation with a built-in radiant heat barrier surface. This gives your crawl space walls an unbroken plane of R-11 insulation.

X-Grade Thermal Insulation laying in crawl space

Installing ExTremeBloc™ on your crawl space walls will also provide your crawl space with a vapor barrier system.

The waterproof polystyrene insulation that makes up ExTremeBloc™ will hold back moisture from your crawl space walls, and direct flooding water down to your drainage and SafeDri™ Sump Pump System.

Technical Features

  • Brings Crawl Space Up To Current National Energy Code
  • Graphite Particles Improve Insular Properties By 24%
  • Radiant Heat Barrier On Visible Side
  • Closed-Cell Insulation Will Not Soak Up Moisture Like Other Options
  • Economical Insulation Option For Crawl Space Environment

Do you have crawl space humidity? ExTremeBloc™ is a great way to seal off your walls, while also saving money on your energy bills! For a free quote on sealing and insulating your crawl space, contact us today!

We serve Indianapolis, Bloomington, and many nearby areas in Indiana.

Quality & Economy For Insulating A Crawl Space

Close up of X-Grade thermal insulation being cut

ExTremeBloc™ is an expanded polystyrene foam insulation that’s been infused with graphite during its creation to improve its insular ability by 24%. Combined with its silver radiant heat barrier on the visible surface, it provides an insulation rating of R-11 on your crawl space walls. This insulation can be customized for special projects or local code requirements, making it a versatile, effective solution.

If you’re interested in keeping your crawl space dry to help prevent mold, rot, and musty odors, this is the product for you! ExTremeBloc™ also creates a vapor barrier on your crawl space walls that keeps moisture from making its way into your crawl space, where that moisture would help mold, rot, and mildew growth.

ExTremeBloc™ is part of a crawl space repair system that includes our Vapor Barrier. We also have several crawl space waterproofing products such as our SafeDri™ Sump Pump System to control flooding, our CrawlDrain™; the only drainage system made specifically for crawl spaces, and our durable Drainage Matting.

Learn more about our crawl space repair systems.

What NOT To Do

wet insulation in crawl space near vent

As fiberglass insulation becomes soaked with moisture in a crawl space, it will grow mold and “drip” off the ceiling.

Far too often, we see crawl spaces vented, with fiberglass insulation on the ceiling. Crawl space vents bring humid air into a home during the summertime, where it’s cooled in the crawl space. As this air cools, the relative humidity of the air rises, and the excess moisture is left on surfaces in the crawl space in the form of condensation.

Some of this moisture ends up on the fiberglass insulation in your crawl space. Wet or damp fiberglass insulation does not insulate as well as dry insulation, and the added weight will pull it from the ceiling, leaving it in messy, useless piles on the floor. Wet insulation can actually become a food source for mold and rot — which will also grow on any other organic material in your crawl space — including your wood framing.

Additionally, while you’re insulating your floor, you probably have utilities in your crawl space, such as your water heater, furnace, heating ducts, and hot water pipes. If you allow the cold winter air into your home through crawl space vents, these heat-generating utilities will be forced to work that much harder.

In short — crawl space vents and fiberglass insulation simply do not work!

We Can Seal and Insulate Your Crawl Space!

At Indiana Foundation Service we have what you need to encapsulate your crawl space and upgrade its energy efficiency. Our warrantied products can keep water and moisture out of your home, while making your home more energy efficient than ever!

For a free, no-obligation, written crawl space repair quote, we’re the contractors for you! Call or e-mail us today to schedule an on-site appointment!

We proudly serve Indianapolis, Bloomington, and many other parts of Indiana.

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