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IFS Crew in Crawl Space with Crawl Drain

Drainage Matting

The raised dimples on our Drainage Matting gives the water flooding into your crawl space a channel underneath your crawl space liner.

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Drainage matting close up shot

Crawl space liners rest directly on the crawl space floor. If your crawl space is flooding, water can be trapped underneath, never making it to your perimeter drain.

The raised dimples on our Drainage Matting gives the water flooding into your crawl space a channel underneath your crawl space liner. This directs the water flooding your crawl space to your perimeter crawl space drain and sump pump system.

Installation Time:

Drainage Matting should not significantly add to the installation time of your crawl space vapor barrier system.

When we send our crew to your home, one member will lay the drainage matting while another installs the liner over the top. A crawl space system usually installs in less than a day.

Installing Crawl Space Drainage Matting

A crawl space vapor barrier is an excellent way to keep water and moisture from your crawl space, but it’s also important to drain away flooded water that collects underneath.

By installing Drainage Matting, your crawl space is protected, and water is directed to your drainage system.

Drainage Matting is appropriate to use on crawl space floors of all types, including concrete and dirt surfaces. For areas with extra heavy flooding or unusually rough terrain, our Drainage Matting XL provides extra durability and larger drain channels to handle the bigger jobs. This drainage matting is compatible with our other crawl space products, including our crawl space insulation and crawl space radiant heat barrier.

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