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Basement Cracked & Leaking Walls

Leaking water from basement walls is an alarming sign for homeowners, and can be the result of more damage that the eye can see.

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Basement walls of a home are built within a hole dug by original constructors. Constructors will fill the remaining part of the hole with dirt, known as backfill soil. This backfill soil is not densely packed like virgin soil and will eventually settle causing pressure to happen against basement walls of the home. This pressure causes basement wall cracking and leaking, which becomes problematic and costly for homeowners.

Causes for Cracked Basement Walls

Installed on the outside of a home’s foundation is a footing drain. This is a thick pipe drilled with holes designed to have a way for water to enter the drain. Footing drains are designed to help keep water away from a home; however, these drains will clog easily with the backfill soil causing hydrostatic pressure.

When a footing drain is clogged, water will be sent towards the home, not away from it. This water will collect around the foundation and begin to exert pressure against the basement walls, known as hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure causes basement wall cracking and leaking as walls begin to bow or tilt due to the pressure.

Cracks in basement walls are results of hydrostatic pressure. These basement cracks let water seep through, ultimately creating a wet basement for homeowners, and other basement problems.

Water will gather around a home’s foundation as backfill soil settles. This water will contribute to the pressure against basement walls, causing basement wall cracking and leaking. Another cause of basements leaking from walls are gutters,which do not face away from the home. Gutters need to face the opposite direction of a home in order to prevent water from pooling near the foundation of the home.

Nor’easter storms are another contributor to hydrostatic pressure and leaking basement walls. These storms tend to occur during the cooler months, but there is a possibility that a Nor’easter storm will occur at any time of the year. These storms bring hurricane force winds, flooding, and heavy rain or snow, which all contribute to hydrostatic pressure.

Hurricanes are also contributors to hydrostatic pressure against basement walls. The heavy rainfall from hurricanes can cause flooding to occur, and large amounts of rain and flooding help cause hydrostatic pressure. Before a hurricane season hits, be sure that your home is protected.

Solutions for Cracked and Leaking Basement Walls

Leaking water from basement walls is an alarming sign for homeowners, and can be the result of more damage that the eye can see. Indiana Foundation Service has solutions for homeowners who are experiencing these basement cracking and leaking.


A dehumidifier is a great way to prevent humidity from accumulating in a basement. A basement with high humidity causes rotting wood, mold growth, dust mites, and fungus to happen. Mold can be dangerous to a homeowner’s health, but the installation of a dehumidifier keeps a basement dry.

Perimeter Drainage System

A full perimeter drainage system, IFS’ BasementGutter Drainage System,is another product to keep a basement dry. This system is designed to separate the soil from basement floors, preventing clogging. Additionally, the IFS Perimeter Drain System comes with a 20-year warranty and has a year-round service for homeowners, plus being more affordable than any exterior solution a homeowner could choose.

Sump Pumps

Sump pump systems keep basements dry and healthy as well. Indiana Foundation Service offers a variety of sump pump systems for homeowners, the SafeDri TripleSafeSump Pump, SafeDri SmartSump Pump, and the SafeDri SuperSump Pump. The airtight floor drainage design keeps water from entering a basement.

Foundation Wall Anchors

To help strengthen and repair basement walls, have Indiana Foundation Service install Foundation Wall Anchors. Designed in three parts, this system will help relieve the pressure that is exerted against basement walls, preventing cracking and leaking.

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair

This Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System is 10 times stronger than steel and is a flexible design created to mold to basement walls, providing them with a strong, long-lasting stabilization to restore the value to a home. IFS’ Carbon Fiber Repair Solution provides homeowners with an unbreakable bond solution, a long lasting 25 year warranty, plus leaving basement walls with a smooth finish and a quick installation.

If you believe your home is experiencing basement wall cracking and leaking, fill the form down below to request a free inspection.

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Let Our Basement Waterproofing Experts Help You

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