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Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining

Many homeowners take great pride in their homes, including the longevity and appearance of their concrete surfaces. However, damage such as concrete pitting, flaking, and staining can undermine their integrity and curb appeal. These issues may initially appear minor, but they can actually indicate more significant problems that will worsen if not professionally addressed. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we understand these challenges. We provide dependable solutions that preserve your property’s value and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Our innovative SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system effectively tackles the root causes of these issues and prevents their recurrence. 

What Is Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

 Concrete pitting, flaking, and staining are closely related issues with common root causes. 

Concrete Pitting 

Concrete pitting is characterized by small, rough, and uneven craters on the surface of a concrete structure. It indicates internal structural weaknesses, usually caused by errors during the concrete production process. 

Concrete Flaking 

Although similar in appearance to pitting, concrete flaking is characterized by a surface that flakes off. Unlike pitting, concrete flaking is typically caused by exposure to elements such as moisture and weather. 

Concrete Staining 

Concrete staining refers to discoloration caused by external agents like oil or mud, which can gradually compromise the integrity of the concrete over time. 

These concrete issues are unique, but they all indicate that the concrete is compromised. If left unaddressed, these surface-level problems will worsen. 

Concrete pitting, flaking, and staining often accompany other types of damage, such as cracking and sinking. These issues occur on various surfaces, including: 

It is important to address these problems promptly to prevent further deterioration. If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact Indiana Foundation Service for an accurate assessment and timely repairs. 

What Causes Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

All three problem signs indicate potential strength and stability issues with the concrete. However, the reasons for pitting, flaking, or staining may vary. 

Causes of Concrete Pitting 

Errors during the initial mixing process or mishandling during the curing stage can result in concrete pitting. If the concrete mix lacks cohesion, small air pockets can get trapped, creating weak areas. 

Over time, these weak spots can collapse and form pits when subjected to pressure. Concrete contractors may not always identify these issues immediately, but they typically become apparent around five years after pouring. 

Causes of Concrete Flaking 

Flaking often occurs as concrete ages and is exposed to the elements. Moisture seeps in, reacting with the alkaline concrete and gradually eroding the surface. Nearby drainpipes, gutters and downspouts, and sprinklers can also contribute to flaking. 

Causes of Concrete Staining 

Staining occurs when oil, mud, or other contaminants penetrate the concrete or the surrounding soil. This alters the chemical composition of the concrete and results in discoloration. It can also weaken the soil, leading to sinking concrete. 

It is essential to understand the specific nuances of each issue and adequately address them for long-lasting repairs. At Indiana Foundation Service, we have the expertise to provide custom solutions that address the unique causes of each type of concrete damage. 

Can You Fix Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining? 

Yes, we are well-equipped to address issues such as concrete pitting, flaking, and staining. However, it’s important to take a holistic approach to ensure long-term solutions. 

Temporary measures like coating, patching, and mudjacking won’t provide a lasting solution. You need is a comprehensive solution that addresses the root of the problem and prevents future occurrences. 

For concrete restoration that stands the test of time, our products are designed to lift, support, and strengthen concrete from the inside out. 

How to Fix Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we offer a superior solution called PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections. Unlike conventional techniques like patching, pouring, or mudjacking, our unique system stabilizes the underlying soil while lifting problematic concrete slabs. 

Our installation process for this innovative system includes the following steps: 

  • We begin with a free, thorough inspection to identify the issue. 
  • Next, we drill small holes, roughly the size of a penny, into the concrete. 
  • Injection ports are inserted into the drilled holes. 
  • Our proprietary closed-cell foam is mixed and injected underneath the concrete. 
  • Within 15 minutes, the foam solidifies, lifting and stabilizing the concrete. 
  • Once the concrete is lifted and stabilized, we remove the injection ports. 
  • We fill and smooth the drilled holes, ensuring a seamless finish. 
  • To prevent further damage, we also seal cracks and joints. 
  • It’s crucial to routinely inspect and maintain the concrete for long-lasting results. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we have developed proprietary products to provide personalized, high-quality solutions for homeowners. Our PolyRenewal™ system, in particular, offers superior support and ensures the durability of your concrete. 

Why Address Concrete Pitting, Flaking, and Staining Now 

Promptly addressing these concrete problems is crucial for several reasons: 

  • Prevention: Addressing concrete issues helps prevent more significant damage in the future. 
  • Home Value: Maintaining your concrete surfaces helps preserve the value of your home. 
  • Safety: Flaking and pitting can create uneven surfaces, posing tripping hazards. 
  • Aesthetics: Keeping your concrete surfaces in pristine condition enhances the curb appeal of your property. 

Only with Indiana Foundation Service can you rest assured that you will receive lasting professional services. Our in-house-developed products offer advantages not found in off-the-shelf solutions, ensuring superior results. 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we understand that concrete damage, such as pitting, flaking, and staining, can be unsightly and potentially dangerous. That’s why we believe in providing more than just quick patchwork fixes. We offer unmatched concrete lifting solutions you can trust. 

If you’re tired of temporary solutions and want to restore your property’s former glory, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide homeowners with a free, no-obligation inspection. Let us show you why homeowners have relied on our expertise and proprietary products for concrete repair and protection for the past 30 years. We’re excited to bring that same level of excellence to your project. 


We recommend annual inspections, but you should address any sudden changes immediately. Partner with Indiana Foundation Service for concrete lifting and take advantage of our annual service and maintenance programs. Our technicians return annually to ensure ongoing protection. Contact us to learn more. 

Pitting may appear years after pouring, but it rapidly worsens, leading to cracks and holes. Quick action is imperative. Contact Indiana Foundation Service for a free inspection and estimate when you first notice concrete problems. 

Oil drips from vehicles can absorb into concrete pores, resulting in dark stains. Proper cleaning and sealing can help prevent this. Severe stains and chemicals can weaken the concrete structure and lead to cracks and sinking. Indiana Foundation Service protects damaged concrete with our unique lifting system. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free inspection and estimate

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Indiana Foundation Service does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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