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Sinking Concrete Steps

Sturdy outdoor stairs are crucial for accessing your home, providing stability, and preventing harm. When concrete steps sink, it not only affects the appearance of your home but also introduces safety risks, such as trip hazards. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with many causes. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we prioritize addressing these concerns and offer specialized solutions to restore your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. Our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology enable us to offer tailored and reliable concrete lifting solutions.  

What Are Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Sinking concrete steps are a condition in which the stairs have lost support and are settling into the ground. They are not just unsightly, but they can also pose safety risks. These visible depressions or destabilizations in concrete stairs result in uneven surfaces and structural instability. 

When you notice sinking concrete steps, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent further damage and potential accidents. These occurrences often indicate underlying problems like soil displacement or structural imbalance, which require timely intervention. 

Other common concrete problems around your property may include: 

It is crucial to address these problems to avoid tripping hazards and maintain the appearance of your home. Companies like Indiana Foundation Service can provide professional assistance in tackling concrete issues and ensuring the stability and safety of your home. 

What Causes Sinking Concrete Steps? 

There are several causes of sinking concrete steps, including: 

  • Settling Soil: When the soil underneath your stairs compacts, shifts, or sinks, it causes the concrete above to settle and crack. This is common with clay-rich expansive soils
  • Eroding Soil: Water flowing underneath or against the stairs will erode and wash away the supporting soil. This undermines the integrity of the concrete. 
  • Tree Roots: As tree roots grow, they move the soil beneath, exerting upward pressure that can lead to lifting and cracking concrete.  
  • Excessive Rain and Flooding: Chronic moisture exposure—from heavy rain, flooding, and snowmelt—softens the soil and leads to erosion under the stairs. 
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles: Water that seeps into existing cracks, then freezes and thaws, will expand those cracks with each cycle. 
  • Substandard Concrete Work: Weak concrete that wasn’t adequately prepared or had problems during the curing process is prone to cracking and sinking over time. 

The factors impacting sinking concrete steps also endanger your home’s foundation, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions from specialists like Indiana Foundation Service. 

Can You Fix Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Yes, sinking concrete steps can be fixed! However, quick fixes and traditional methods like mudjacking are ineffective in the long run. Indiana Foundation Service offers comprehensive solutions, including concrete lifting. This process involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam underneath the concrete to raise and stabilize each slab. The foam expands and cures within 15 minutes, offering a rapid solution for concrete repair. Our technicians may also suggest additional specialized foundation repairs if deemed necessary. 

How to Fix Sinking Concrete Steps 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we use SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™, our advanced concrete lifting technique, to restore sinking concrete steps. Our process includes: 

inspecting concrete steps
  • Assessment: We inspect and identify the extent and causes of the damage. 
  • Drill Holes: Small holes are drilled into the affected concrete. 
  • Position Ports: Injection ports are placed into the holes. 
  • Mix Foam: The specialized two-part polyurethane foam is mixed. 
  • Inject Foam: The high-density foam is injected underneath the concrete. 
  • Lift Steps: The foam fills voids and gently lifts the sunken sections. 
  • Fill Holes: Once the steps are stable, the drilled holes are filled. 
  • Fill Cracks: Any cracks are filled and repaired. 
  • Maintain Safety: We offer service and maintenance programs for stability and longevity. 

Our proprietary concrete lifting foam is customized to address your home’s conditions. PolyRenewal™ provides a long-term solution to lift and stabilize sinking concrete stairs. 

Why Address Sinking Concrete Steps Now 

Promptly address sinking concrete steps for these reasons: 

  • Prevent Further Damage: Repairing stairs quickly prevents accelerated deterioration and water damage. 
  • Avoid Foundation Problems: Settling soil under the steps may indicate foundation instability that demands urgent attention. Early repairs protect your foundation. 
  • Ensure Safety: Sinking, uneven stairs increase fall and injury risks. Concrete lifting rectifies tripping hazards and structural instabilities. 
  • Preserve Property Value: Sunken, cracked stairs affect your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. Reliable repairs maintain and enhance property value. 
  • Lasting Solution: Our concrete lifting repairs come with comprehensive warranties.  

 Our expert PolyRenewal™ service provides safe, reliable, and lasting concrete repair . 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Reliable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Enhance the appearance and safety of your home with Indiana Foundation Service’s concrete lifting solutions. Experience top-notch services and unmatched results by getting in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation inspection. We have restored concrete structures for 30 years, including sinking concrete steps, cracked patios, and uneven driveways. Homeowners in Central and Southern Ohio trust us for personalized customer care, attention to detail, and dependable repair solutions. 


Absolutely, Indiana Foundation Service’s PolyRenewal™ foam is a robust solution, ensuring longevity and resistance against environmental factors. Contact us to learn more and to book a free inspection and no-obligation estimate. 

Unlike mudjacking, high-density polyurethane foam cures within 15 minutes after injection, allowing us to promptly return your stairs to service. Contact Indiana Foundation Service for more information and to schedule a free inspection

The PolyRenewal™ lifting process usually requires one day to complete. Contact Indiana Foundation Service for a free inspection and accurate timeline.

*Disclaimer: “Concrete leveling” means the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Indiana Foundation Service does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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