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sinking concrete slab - after

Concrete Floor Repair

You may be able to cover up a cracked concrete floor with a carpet, but that will never solve your problems concerning cracked floors. Thankfully, concrete floor repair has never been easier. Therefore, don’t ignore the problem signs and allow them get worse.

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Your concrete floor could undertake a a bevy of issues that will affect the structural integrity of your home. Gaps, cracks, and sinking floors can become a major problem if left alone. Don’t ignore these concrete cracks before it’s too late and the major damage is done. Indiana Foundation Service is here to help, and we’ll address your concerns in a timely and cost effective manner.

Concrete Leveling with wall gap beforeConcrete Leveling with Wall Gap after

Concrete Floor Repair Causes

The more traffic, the more wear and tear on your floors. The weather and changes in temperate can also play a role as both indoor and outdoor concrete slabs can crack due to cold weather. Lastly, if the concrete was placed or poured incorrectly, than it’s more likely to face problems in the future.

Concrete Floor Repair Matters

First, concrete cracks aren’t nice to look at. Second, they will have an immediate impact on the value of your home and your family’s safety.

It’s important to have a professional concrete repair technician assess your situation and make the proper suggestions for your specific home’s needs. At Indiana Foundation Repair, we use polyurethane foam injection to fix the underlying problems without necessitating expensive floor replacement.

Concrete Floor Repair Benefits

The advantages of polyurethane foam injection:

  • Cost Effective – Concrete lifting costs less than concrete replacement.
  • Quick Cure Time – Full weight-bearing function possible within a short time compared to replacement.
  • Less Invasive – There is no need to demolish concrete and no damage to landscaping.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Removed concrete often ends up in landfill; with concrete lifting there is no waste.

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