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Driveway Lifting

Replacing your driveway can become a pain for homeowners, so it’s important to have an inspection if you notice any problem signs.

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Believe it or not, your concrete driveway will eventually develop chips and cracks. The originally smooth surface has now become an eyesore while lowering your home’s value. To make matters worse, the cracks can also cause added stress to your car’s suspension system. However, concrete driveway lifting is only an option if your driveway is structurally sound. Otherwise, your driveway may need to be replaced altogether.

Replacing your driveway can become a pain for homeowners, so it’s important to have an inspection if you notice any problem signs. Not only do driveway cracks cause lifting issues, but they aren’t pleasant to look at also. At Indiana Foundation Service, we provide the highest quality solution to lifting your driveway back to its original and proper positioning.

Driveway Lifting– Techniques

What’s the difference between concrete driveway lifting and replacement? Cost, which makes lifting the best option. Concrete driveway lifting is the quickest and most cost-effective method to repairing a sinking, uneven driveway.

uneven driveway concrete in front of garage - beforeuneven driveway concrete in front of garage - after

Concrete driveway lifting techniques have evolved over the years. Polyurethane foam injection, also known as PolyRenewal™, allows professionals to repair your driveway so it looks as good as new. Here at Indiana Foundation Service, we will perform a thorough examination of your driveway and foundation to propose the best solution for your home.

Driveway Lifting – Benefits

Polyurethane Foam Injection is THE BEST solution for lifting concrete slabs.

  • Waterproof – Cannot be washed or affected by freeze and thaw cycles
  • Environmentally Friendly – Foam does not react with soil or release harmful chemicals
  • Lightweight – Weighs four to six lbs. per cubic foot when installed, which is significantly less than the 120 lbs. per cubic foot as typical fill material.
  • Noninvasive – Less messy than the mixture of concrete and mud used in mudjacking.
  • Precise and Accurate Lift – Foam reaction time provides target lifting operation.
  • Fast-acting – Reaches its final strength and is ready to support weight within 15 minutes.

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