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High Energy Bills

Have you noticed a significant increase in your energy bills lately? It’s frustrating when it happens, especially when you’re unsure what’s causing it. 

One common culprit for high energy consumption is a damp and humid crawl space with fluctuating temperatures. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we are committed to helping homeowners like yourself understand and resolve issues that lead to excessive energy usage. Our crawl space encapsulation services protect your home from problems contributing to inefficiency, ensuring that your home remains comfortable without breaking the bank. 

What Are High Energy Bills? 

High energy bills are caused by your HVAC system working overtime to regulate temperatures. Your system has to fight against the elements, especially when moisture enters your crawl space from the outside through open crawl space vents.  

It is vital to identify and address the root cause of high energy bills to restore efficiency and comfort to your home. 

What Causes High Energy Bills? 

Open vents are the real culprit here, and they cause other issues like wet crawl space insulation, wood rot, sagging floors, musty smells, and increased pest activity

Other common crawl space problems that can increase energy bills include: 

  • Landscaping issues, directing water into the crawl space 
  • High humidity levels, causing condensation on cool walls 
  • Plumbing leaks, creating puddles under the home 
  • Saturated soil or standing water, touching wood supports 

Excess moisture in the crawl space can lead to lower interior temperatures in winter and hot, humid conditions in summer. This forces your HVAC system to work harder, increasing energy bills. 

These conditions can also cause structural damage and poor indoor air quality. 

Indiana Foundation Service diagnoses these issues and provides effective solutions to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort. 

Can You Fix High Energy Bills? 

Reducing and managing high energy bills is possible by addressing moisture and airflow problems in your crawl space. DIY repairs may be temporary but can be costly and dangerous. A comprehensive crawl space repair system tailored to your home is recommended for a lasting solution. 

Indiana Foundation Service provides comprehensive solutions to crawl space problems, improving energy efficiency. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections to identify issues and provide personalized repair solutions. 

Reducing energy bills and improving the health and stability of your home is our goal. 

How to Fix High Energy Bills 

Properly insulating and sealing your crawl space is crucial for improving energy efficiency and reducing utility bills. Here’s Indiana Foundation Service’s step-by-step approach: 

  • Cover the floor and walls with a vapor barrier to encapsulate the crawl space. 
  • Install a dehumidifier to maintain interior humidity levels. 

Indiana Foundation Service offers proprietary products tailored to your home’s needs, providing long-lasting results and improved energy efficiency. 

Why Address High Energy Bills Now 

Fixing a damp, drafty crawl space is crucial for the following reasons: 

  • Immediate Cost Savings: Timely repairs prevent moisture damage from worsening, saving you money in the long run. Resolving these issues will also lead to lower energy bills. 
  • Improved Appliance Longevity: Moisture problems strain your HVAC system, increasing the risk of breakdowns. By addressing these problems, you can extend the lifespan of your appliances. 
  • Better Home Comfort: Enjoy consistent temperatures throughout your home. 
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality: A dry, dehumidified crawl space improves the overall air quality in your home. 
  • Enhanced Home Value: Energy-efficient homes are more appealing to potential buyers. 

Take proactive measures to protect your budget, HVAC system, and home value. Our crawl space solutions will address the underlying issues and enhance your living space. 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Reliable Crawl Space Solutions

Discover a change in your home’s comfort and efficiency with Indiana Foundation Service. Our team is dedicated to identifying and resolving your crawl space issues. 

Homeowners across Indiana have relied on us for 30 years to deliver outstanding customer service and dependable solutions. Take the step to improve your home’s well-being and comfort with a personalized crawl space solution. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary inspection, and a repair estimate, without any obligation. 


Beware of sudden utility bill spikes without changes in usage, cold floors, high indoor humidity, and musty smells. Indiana Foundation Service offers a free inspection to identify the issue and provide customized repair solutions.

The project’s duration depends on the crawl space size, existing damage, and the specific solutions installed. Most encapsulation systems providing moisture mitigation, insulation, and sealing take one to three days to install. Contact Indiana Foundation Service for more information and to schedule a free inspection.

You will notice improved indoor conditions immediately after crawl space encapsulation; however, most homeowners report reduced energy bills in the next billing cycle. Schedule a free crawl space inspection and repair estimate with Indiana Foundation Service today. 

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