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6 Dangers of DIY Home Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is no easy task and requires finesse for it to be effective. Read on to find out why DIY waterproofing is dangerous.

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Waterproofing your basement is important in maintaining a safe, stable, and healthy home. How do you tackle this essential project? There are so many DIY waterproofing kits available on the market today. And while it may be tempting to use them over a professional service, it could just put your home at more risk of water damage. Before you spend your money on a product that won’t work, you must understand DIY home waterproofing pitfalls. 

DIY waterproofing mistakes

No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All 

Many DIY kits for basement and foundation repairs aren’t your typical one-size-fits-all solution. The fact is that no two basements are alike, and as such, every waterproofing job will have its nuances and challenges. With a DIY waterproofing kit, it’s possible for you to end up with the wrong materials for your basement and subpar results. Indiana Foundation Service uses commercial-grade products to seal any cracks in your basement and give your home the superior protection it deserves.  

There Is No Guarantee 

DIY projects don’t come with any quality guarantee. You bear full responsibility for any errors and the repair costs if something goes wrong. Not so with waterproofing experts. Every job comes with a warranty that ensures you won’t pay for any issues that may arise. 

It’s Not Just About Digging 

Basement and foundation waterproofing is a labor-intensive undertaking that sometimes requires excavating the surrounding soil. The digging has to be done quickly and efficiently by a skilled team. 

Many homeowners who take the DIY approach often forget to call and get utility line locations. If you were to hit the gas or water line, you could be staring at dangerous and costly consequences. 

What’s more, is that the excavation itself is not without its risks. You will be digging an eight-foot-deep trench, which can be dangerous without proper shoring. The hole could cave in and cause serious injuries. Get the help of a professional who specializes in safe excavation techniques to waterproof your home, and you’ll avoid the risks and pitfalls of waterproofing. 

Improperly Installed Foundation Drain Tile Systems 

Foundation drain tile systems collect water from around the foundation and direct it away from your house. They are great for removing water from the cove joint (where the foundation footings and walls meet), an area that’s susceptible to flooding but extremely difficult to waterproof. However, DIY drain tile systems may not keep floodwater from the basement if they’re installed incorrectly. 

DIY Is More Expensive in the Long Run 

Ever heard the saying “Cheap is expensive”? It applies to basement waterproofing. You might think the cost of a DIY versus professional waterproofing service is low, but that is not the case long-term. DIY kits aren’t designed to provide long-lasting results, and you may end up paying for costly repairs in the future. It makes sense to hire a professional team that will deliver satisfactory results. 

Health Risks to Your Loved Ones 

If you don’t waterproof the basement properly, water can still make its way in and settle there. Moisture levels will go up, and condensation will occur. Mold and mildew will start growing and could cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. To avoid mold problems and the risks that come with them, leave basement waterproofing to our professional team.  

Hire Basement Waterproofing Experts in Indiana 

One of the smartest things you can do is enlist the help of basement waterproofing experts. In any case, they do a fantastic job, use industry-approved solutions, and back their work with warranties. Rather than put yourself at risk with unreliable DIY waterproofing kits, call Indiana Foundation Service to schedule a free in-home inspection and repair quote.

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