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Encapsulated Crawl Space – Knowing the Benefits

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Encapsulated Crawl Space

Many homeowners face tough decisions on a daily basis. For instance, what can I afford to fix now? What can I hold off until a later time? However, certain issues should never be neglected and an encapsulated crawl space should be at the top of that list.

Have you been experiencing crawl space problems? Furthermore, this includes condensation on your windows, sagging floors and wet crawl space insulation. If so, you need to have your home inspected right away for an encapsulated crawl space.

You may want to make other improvements to your home, but your foundation is something you should never overlook. Moreover, your crawl space is vital to the structure of your home and it’s safety.

What effects does your crawl space have on your home? For starters, heating and cooling costs, cold floors, allergy and asthma problems, and even how your house smells.

Your crawl space directly influences each issue above, so it’s important to make the safety of your home a top priority.

 The Benefits Of An Encapsulated Crawl Space

1. Better Air Quality

Crawl space encapsulation is mold growth and other allergens worst nightmare. Did you know, over 50% of the air you breathe within your home comes from your crawl space. Encapsulation will quickly improve the quality of air flow in your home.

2. Added Selling Feature

Would you like to sell your home now or in the future? Buyers are more likely to show interest in homes with encapsulated crawl spaces over a home without.

3. Tax Incentive Qualification

The Federal Government may offer you a tax incentive for making home improvements such as encapsulation. Additionally, some state and local governments do as well.

4. Lower Energy Bills

According to an Advanced Energy study, encapsulated crawl spaces can save 15%-20% on heating and air costs.

5. Enhanced Comfort

An encapsulated crawl space provides warmth to your floors by sealing off the ground, which allows warm air to rise.

Encapsulated Crawl Space Before and After

The image on the left shows a vented, dirt crawl space and the image on the right shows an encapsulated crawl space.

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