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Foundation, Basement & Crawl Space Repair in Muncie, IN

Whether it’s a slab, crawl space, or basement, helical and push piers can stop foundation settling and stabilize your home.

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Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing in Muncie, IN

Humidity in basements and crawl spaces is a lot more troublesome than you would think. Humidity isn’t just when the air feels a little stuffy, it’s also a warning for future structural problems. Part of the reason it’s such a significant issue is because most of its consequences aren’t noticed by Muncie homeowners until the damage is severe.

If there is any humidity in your crawl space or basement, there is bound to be mold. Because of the stack effect, the air in your basement or crawl space rises upwards in your home, including any dust and mold spores. Long-term exposure to mold triggers allergies and can cause permanent harm to your respiratory system. Humidity also encourages pests to make a nest out of your basement or crawl space, which only further pollutes the air quality in your home.

As for how it affects your foundation’s structure, mold weakens floor joists in the form of wood rot. Once weakened, the floor joists in your basement or crawl space soften and break, causing floors to sag. Before thinking about how you should go about repairing these structural problems, you should think about waterproofing your basement or crawl space so they don’t happen again in the future.

In Muncie, IN, the soil contains a lot of clay. Clay soils tend to contain a lot of moisture, especially the lower layers, which are precisely the ones that surround your basement or crawl space. Because of this, we recommend that you focus on basement or crawl space waterproofing.

The sump pumps from our AquaStop series are capable of draining water that gets into the foundation of your Muncie home as well as the groundwater from the surrounding soil. However, a sump pump isn’t capable of draining all the water from the soil. As long as there is still a bit of moisture, water vapor will permeate through your concrete walls and enter your basement or crawl space. Even if the basement is finished, the moisture can get past the drywall. This is why you need a vapor barrier like AquaStop WallSeal™. This vapor barrier is specific to basements, but if you have a crawl space, we can encapsulate it in AquaStop CrawlSeal™.

Foundation Repair in Muncie, IN

helical pier with gram and concrete on soil

While sandy soils have trouble with soil washout, the clay soil in Muncie has problems with shrinking and expanding. This type of erosion can cause a lot of harm to a home, especially if there are no waterproofing measures in place.

Many Muncie homeowners miss the signs of foundation settling. Once they notice something is wrong, multiple repairs need to be done. Indiana Foundation Service makes it easy for homeowners to understand what needs to happen to stabilize a foundation. We have multiple foundation support piers to suit your needs, whether they’re for a crawl space, basement, or slab foundation.

With the use of helical piers or push piers, we can get your foundation the support that it needs. The kind of foundation pier you get will be decided based on the soil on your property and the specific needs of your home. For crawl spaces with failing floor joists, we have SettleStop IntelliJack™, a support jack used to lift uneven floors.

If your Muncie home has cracking, bowing walls, we can permanently stabilize them with carbon fiber supports, wall braces, or wall anchors. Wall braces and wall anchors also have the ability to potentially straighten bowing walls over time.

Concrete Lifting in Muncie, IN

Every time clay soils get wet, they expand, but when they are no longer saturated, they shrink up and the particles come closer together. This type of erosion only occurs with clay soils, which Muncie, IN has a lot of. When the soil under your slab sinks, it leaves a gap, which is why the concrete settles in the first place.

Concrete settling in and around your Muncie home can be solved with SettleStop PolyRenewal™. Our expert installers will drill small holes the size of pennies so that they can inject polyurethane foam under the slab or steps. Because they use a small handheld device, they are able to lift slabs in tight spots as well. Once enough foam has been injected to lift the slab, the holes are covered, and the polyurethane is left to cure.

Polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly and does not release any harmful substances. This fast-acting foam does not disturb the soft soil under the slab while it expands, so not only is the concrete secure, but the remaining soil is also.


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About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Muncie

When looking at different types of drainage systems for your Muncie home, you may have come across different types of sump pumps. Some sump pumps are designed to be installed outside instead of in your basement or crawl space. Many homeowners believe that getting an indoor and outdoor sump pump gives them better protection, but this isn’t the case. Outdoor sump pumps are problematic, and we recommend that you get an indoor one or upgrade the one you already have. Getting an outdoor sump pump might actually make the drainage around your foundation worse.

Outdoor sump pumps focus mainly on draining any water that lands on your yard. It’s more in line with yard drainage than foundation drainage, so if you have a flooded basement, an outdoor sump pump won’t be able to help you. Outdoor sump pumps also require a lot more maintenance, since they are installed outside. They get clogged up frequently because of all the leaves, mud, and other debris. Because they get clogged up so easily, they are more likely to malfunction, leaving you with yard flooding and a broken device.

Indoor sump pumps are capable of draining water that enters a basement or crawl space as well as the groundwater that surrounds it. It requires less maintenance or repairs as often as an outdoor one thanks to the fact that it remains indoors. If something does malfunction, you’ll be able to hear it in the noises that it makes, so you’ll be one step ahead of any flooding that may occur. Overall, indoor sump pumps are a lot better than outdoor ones.

Having a tree in your yard raises your chances of experiencing basement or crawl space leaks. There’s a common misconception about trees that damage foundations, and it’s that the tree roots themselves are the problem. While it is true that the tree roots are a part of it, like most things regarding foundation damage, the true culprit is the soil. Muncie, IN, is covered in soil with a lot of organic material in its deeper layers. The characteristics of this clay soil is what allows tree roots to encourage a shrink-swell cycle and displacement.

Clay soil compacts really well, meaning that the particles get close and don’t separate easily. As the tree roots grow and search for moisture, they push the soil closer together. The tree roots are capable of pushing the soil to the point where it puts pressure on your foundation. This pressure, plus any added stress from hydrostatic pressure, is what causes bowing walls in your basement. Tree roots can also damage your concrete slabs and cause them to separate from one another as the compacted soil pushes upwards.

If you have a tree in your yard, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it just to protect your foundation. You can install a tree root barrier to keep the roots from extending towards your foundation. Waterproofing your foundation also helps since certain drainage solutions can relieve the stress from the surrounding groundwater. If you want to be safe and remove the tree, you can also plant another one with shorter roots far from your foundation.

Like most of Indiana, Muncie’s soil has a lot of clay in it. The clay soil around your property causes a lot of issues for your crawl space or basement, like bowing walls and high humidity levels. Not to mention the slabs around your home, which settle if they aren’t able to rely on the soil. You might be wondering if it’s worth hiring a landscaping company to simply replace your soil, but such a thing is completely unnecessary. No matter what kind of soil you have on your property, it will always cause some sort of problem.

As much as we’d like to, human beings cannot control the finer aspects of nature. The way soil and water interact is what causes problems, and these problems still persist with sandier soils. Soils with less clay in them are grainy and do not compact as well as clay soils do, so they are loose and shift around a lot more easily. Soil that shifts easily does not make for good foundation soil, because the weight of the house will displace it over time. It may seem counterproductive, but contractors need clay soils because they compact better than sandy soils do, which makes them better at supporting homes.

Replacing the soil on your property is an extremely long and arduous task, not to mention expensive. You’re much better off focusing on waterproofing and stabilizing your foundation instead of replacing the soil. Not only does waterproofing and foundation stabilization raise the value of your property, it’s a guarantee that the soil will not affect your home as much as it could. Without waterproofing and foundation repair methods, your home is at the mercy of the weather and the soil. When it comes to home improvement, attempting to prevent damage is a lot more effective than trying to avoid it completely.

If you’re in Muncie, IN and you’re looking for the best lifting solution for settled concrete slabs, know that SettleStop PolyRenewal™ is the best in the industry. SettleStop PolyRenewal™ is a method that utilizes polyurethane foam to lift and stabilize concrete. Small holes the size of pennies are drilled into the concrete in order to inject the polyurethane foam until there is enough under the slab to lift and support it. What makes this such a great method is that it solves every problem that other concrete lifting solutions cause. The material itself, polyurethane foam, is what gives SettleStop PolyRenewal™ an edge over other methods.

Mudjacking, the old, traditional method of concrete lifting, consists of pumping a cement slurry under the concrete to lift the slab. However, because of how heavy the cement is, it exerts a lot of pressure on the soil below, displacing it and accelerating the settling process. The cement is also too rough to properly fill the gap under the slab while it’s being pumped in, so some parts remain unsupported. Mudjacking is also rather tedious because it can take hours for the work to be completed and you still need to wait hours more for the cement to cure before putting any pressure on the slab. As you can see, mudjacking is a rather outdated process that leaves you with a lot of future problems, all of which SettleStop PolyRenewal™ can prevent.

With polyurethane foam injections, not only can you use your slab the same day the installation is completed, the operation itself is a whole lot faster than mudjacking (a few hours, depending on the scope of the damage). Polyurethane is strong, but lightweight, so it doesn’t damage the soil and prevents future soil displacement. Unlike cement, polyurethane is waterproof and prevents soil expansion. The equipment used for polyurethane injections is handheld and small, so installation experts are able to inject the foam in places that are difficult to reach.

When the floor joists in your Muncie home’s crawl space are no longer able to support your floorboards, they don’t always need to be replaced. Sometimes, all they need is a little support, which is exactly what SettleStop IntelliJack™ provides. SettleStop IntelliJack™ is a support jack that evens out floors when they sag due to joist failure. The jacks themselves are made of galvanized steel and each support jack has an allowable load capacity of more than 24,000 pounds. Unlike other foundation support, SettleStop IntelliJack™ can be installed under many different conditions and installation can be done year-round.

SettleStop IntelliJack™  can be installed in a single day and can adjust as needed to accommodate any potential future settling. Besides all these features, SettleStop IntelliJack™ has an easy, quick installation process. A two-foot hole is excavated in all the places where experts need to install the posts. The holes are filled with engineering fill, a soil that has no organic material, making it tougher than other kinds of soil and less likely to erode. Then, the base of the support jack is placed in the hole and then the installation experts start cutting the columns of the post.

The support jacks are cut to fit perfectly in your crawl space. When the jacks are finally attached to their base, they are adjusted to support the base and lift the sagging floor. The entire process takes a day or less, and once it’s done, your floor will be supported for years to come. If your crawl space needs support jacks because of wood rot, consider waterproofing your crawl space. After the installation of the support jacks, the wood joists are still there, so you definitely don’t want them to rot again.

If you have high energy bills, you need to check on the condition of your Muncie home’s crawl space. It may not seem like it, but your crawl space plays a huge role in how energy efficient your home is. It all has to do with the stack effect, a term used to describe the circulation of air in and out of buildings due to air buoyancy. Air buoyancy is what defines how air flows depending on how dense it is. Hot air is a lot lighter than cold air, so hot air is always rising towards the top while cold air stays at the bottom.

This means that, during the summer, hot air enters your crawl space and rises into the upper portions of your home. In the winter, the cold air stays low in your crawl space and living room, while the hot air stays up in the attic. Because hot and cold air circulates in and out so easily, you have a harder time controlling the temperature of your own home. When you use your AC on a lower temperature or your furnace on a higher one, the compressor works for a longer time and consumes more power. You might also have to run these systems for a longer period of time, causing them to consume quite a lot of energy.

A poorly insulated crawl space is what causes this problem. All these issues can be resolved by using a good insulation material that is able to keep the air from flowing out of the foundation. Indiana Foundation Service recommends AquaStop ExTremeBloc™ as an insulation product because it’s the most durable and efficient material on the market. It’s a reflective insulation that keeps heat in the foundation by bouncing it around the space.

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