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How To Protect Your Home & Foundation From Water Damage

The why, when and how to waterproof concrete foundations in Indiana. Don’t wait until it is too late, find out how to save your home today.

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Whether you’ve already noticed basement leaks or dampness in your home, or you just want to get ahead of the nightmare situations this can cause, it’s probably time to waterproof and seal your concrete foundation. Keep reading to find out why it is so important, the right time to do it, and the best solutions for saving your home in Indianapolis, IN.

Why Waterproof Concrete Foundations

Concrete may look and sound strong, but it is no match for the power of water.

From condensation to cracks and seepage from outside your basement walls to water intrusion from other leaks and weak points, this is one of the most important areas of your home to protect. Failing to do so can cost you everything — all of your finances, your entire property, and the health of your family. Don’t put it off or take it lightly.

Not only does water intrusion make your crawl space or basement unusable and waste precious square footage, it can quickly impact the rest of your home. This is even true of simple dampness that you might have thought was normal and okay.

Any moisture under your home can create mold and rot and attract a variety of rodents, insects and other pests. Once in, they’ll want to explore and take over the rest of your home too. In the meantime, most of the air you and your family take in is coming from this space. The floors will feel colder on your feet in the winter, your home will be more humid in the summer, energy bills will be higher, and you are breathing in all types of unpleasant germs even before those notorious damp odors kick in.

Indiana’s big contrasts in weather will also turn small water incursions into major flaws. Between the freezing, melting snow and baking summers, cracks in slabs and concrete block walls and even exterior above ground and interior walls will only worsen. Eventually, your home will be considered structurally unsound.

Water pressure building up against your foundation walls can also cause fatal cracks in concrete block walls. These can lead to the failure of your entire home.

When To Waterproof Concrete Foundations

The longer you wait to seal foundations and waterproof this space, the higher the cost of fixing all of these side effects will be.

Even before you buy a home, this should be something on your radar and checklist. Look for a home where the seller has already invested in sealing and waterproofing. This says a lot about them and the care they have taken to preserve the property. A good realtor can help you search for these homes.

If you can’t find one, try negotiating with the seller. See if they, your realtor or mortgage broker will kick in the costs of waterproofing foundations before you buy. Or they may give you a cash credit at the closing table. Be sure you have requested a free inspection and estimate from a reputable Indiana foundation repair company in advance.

If they won’t help, you can also choose special mortgages like the FHA 203k home loan, which provides up to $50,000 toward repairing and improving a home you buy. There are also energy efficient mortgages and local grant programs that can give you free money to help. Most established foundation contractors will also offer good financing as well.

If you already own your home, don’t wait. The problems will only get worse and more expensive the longer you wait. They will continue to devalue your home until it is a total loss. Don’t expect the insurance to pay out if you neglected to be proactive about this space, though they may actually help in advance if you ask.

How To Waterproof Your Home

There are a variety of solutions for fixing your foundations, leaks and other water problems.

One of the best is to install interior drain systems in your basement or crawl space. Connect those to a hidden sump pump to prevent flooding. Then invest in a dehumidifier to keep this space nice and dry and usable. Your family will thank you.

Other types of sealing, vapor barriers, exterior gutters and drainage and replacing window wells and basement windows may also be an option.

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