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Foundation Piers

Your home’s foundation is essential for its strength and durability. When your foundation experiences settlement, your family’s safety, and your home’s structural integrity are at risk. 

Uneven floors and stair-step wall cracks are common signs of a settling foundation. As a homeowner, it’s important to address these issues promptly. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we specialize in foundation repair, including foundation piers that can permanently stabilize and potentially lift your settling foundation. We offer customized pier options—push, helical, and slab—to meet your specific repair needs, ensuring your home is safe and stable. 

This page explains why foundation piers are critical for your home and why Indiana Foundation Service is the go-to source for this solution. 

What Are Foundation Piers? 

Foundation piers are structural elements that are driven deep into the ground to reach stable soil or bedrock. They provide the support that your foundation needs by acting as stable columns, allowing the weight of the home to be transferred through them and down to more stable ground. This prevents future settlement, while also offering the potential to raise the house back to its original position. 

The pier systems ensure permanent stability, preventing your property from vulnerability to shifting or expansive soil. Foundation piers can be part of a broader strategy for whole-home solutions, including basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and more. In short, foundation piers are essential to a comprehensive approach to maintaining your home’s structural health. 

Signs You Need Foundation Piers 

Identifying signs of a settling foundation is the first step toward finding a solution. Keep an eye out for these common symptoms of settlement around your home: 

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact a foundation repair professional like Indiana Foundation Service. We offer free foundation inspections and recommend customized repair solutions. 

Are Foundation Piers Necessary? 

Foundation piers are necessary to stabilize settling foundations and prevent further damage. It is crucial to address foundation settlement as soon as possible to keep repair costs affordable. Delaying foundation repair can increase costs exponentially as the damage worsens over time. 

As experts in basement repair, we recommend acting at the first signs of trouble. We can also recommend appropriate basement repair solutions if your home suffers from other damage, such as bowing walls caused by hydrostatic pressure. When devising a customized repair plan for your home, we consider factors such as the type and extent of the damage. 

What Are the Different Types of Foundation Piers? 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we offer three types of pier systems to handle soil conditions in Indiana: helical, push, and slab. While each system functions in the same way, their applications differ. 

Here’s how our pier systems work and how we install them: 

Helical Piers 

Our SettleStop™ Helical Pier System uses steel piers with circular helical plates to anchor your home in the stable soil below. This system provides a strong foundation for your property and supports lighter structures in various situations. 

The installation process involves: 

  • Excavating the soil to expose the footing 
  • Advancing the piers into the soil using hydraulic equipment 
  • Monitoring the piers’ progress until they reach the necessary depths and capacities 
  • Attaching a durable steel bracket to the footing 
  • Benchmarking the piers with small rivets in exterior walls 
  • Backfilling the excavated soil 

Push Piers 

The SettleStop™ Push Piers operate similarly to helical piers but differ in design and installation. Push piers consist of elongated steel rods pushed into the ground using powerful machinery. They leverage the house’s resistance for stability. 

Here’s how we install them: 

  • Excavate soil to expose the foundation footing 
  • Attach a footing bracket 
  • Drive piers through the bracket, deep into the ground 
  • Monitor depths and capacities 
  • Place benchmarks on exterior walls 
  • Backfill removed soil 

Slab Piers 

The SettleStop™ Slab Piers provide specialized support for homes with slab foundations through our Slab Piers. Our installation process includes the following steps: 

  • Removing any flooring 
  • Auguring a hole through the slab to expose the footing 
  • Placing a bracket under the footing 
  • Advancing sections of the piers into the ground 
  • Monitoring depths and capacities 
  • Affixing a bracket to the slab 
  • Pouring concrete into the hole and ensuring a smooth finish 

Indiana Foundation Service offers a wide range of pier options that are tailored to your specific needs and foundation type. 

What Are the Benefits of Foundation Piers? 

Our pier systems provide exceptional strength and durability. We tailor each installation to fit your home’s needs, ensuring benefits such as: 

  • Long-term Stability: Our pier systems are guaranteed to permanently stabilize your foundation. 
  • Prevent Further Settling: In addition to providing stability, our piers prevent your home from settling further into the ground. 
  • Avoid Additional Foundation Damage: Our piers prevent bowing walls and additional foundation damage. 
  • Protect Your Foundation: Our durable pier systems protect your foundation long-term. 
  • Potential for Foundation Lifting: When our installation crew deems it safe, they can apply additional pressure to the piers during installation to potentially raise any settling sections of your foundation. 
  • Comprehensive Warranty: Each pier is protected by a nationally backed, transferrable, lifetime warranty. 

To experience the most benefits, choose Indiana Foundation Service’s proprietary foundation pier solutions. Contact us today to learn how our exclusive piers can benefit your home. 

Why Our Foundation Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

Apart from the benefits already mentioned, the following are the unique features of our foundation pier systems: 

  • Superior to standard piers and piles 
  • Proprietary design optimized for Indiana soils 
  • Designed for long-lasting durability and performance 
  • Comes with a comprehensive warranty 
  • Included in our annual maintenance service plan 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Foundation Piers Today! 

At Indiana Foundation Service, we understand the importance of maintaining a solid home foundation. Settling foundations can cause severe structural damage if not addressed properly. That’s why our team has been dedicated to fixing foundation settlement in homes for 30 years. 

If you’re concerned about your home’s foundation, don’t hesitate to contact us to book your free inspection and estimate. Our experts will develop a plan to repair and protect your home, ensuring it remains safe and stable for many years. 


Foundation piers are usually the most effective option for addressing foundation settling and sinking. The specific pier used will depend on the extent of the damage and the type of foundation your home has. For a free inspection to determine the best repair solution tailored to your home, contact Indiana Foundation Service. 

Slab piers are a specialized foundation repair solution designed for homes with a concrete slab foundation, instead of a basement or crawl space. For a free inspection to determine if slab piers or other repairs are needed for your home, call Indiana Foundation Service. 

Without industrial-grade equipment, installing foundation piers without professional help is impossible. This process is highly specialized and requires expertise, experience, and equipment based on the type of foundation and extent of damage your home has. Trust Indiana Foundation Service for your foundation pier installation needs. 

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