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Sinking Foundation

Have you noticed signs around your home that suggest your foundation is sinking? Symptoms of this problem include doors that stick and drywall cracks throughout your house. While these symptoms may initially seem minor, it is vital to address the issue urgently to avoid further damage. 

At Indiana Foundation Service, our expertise lies in foundation repair, ensuring permanent solutions. Using industry-leading products and our knowledge, we restore your home’s structural integrity to protect your most valuable investment. 

What Is a Sinking Foundation? 

A sinking foundation occurs when the foundation settles unevenly into the ground. This is known as differential settlement. It is caused by soil that cannot uniformly support the structure’s weight. Sinking foundations often exhibit several key problem signs, including: 

If left unaddressed, a sinking foundation can lead to extensive structural damage and pose safety hazards. 

What Causes a Sinking Foundation? 

There are several reasons why a foundation may begin to sink: 

  • Soil expansion: When the soil surrounding your home becomes saturated with water, it expands. As the soil dries, it contracts, creating empty spaces around and under the foundation. 
  • Poor drainage: Excessive moisture in the soil can lead to expansion and contraction, destabilizing the foundation’s support over time. 
  • Insufficient compaction: If the soil is not compacted adequately, it may sink under the structure’s weight. 
  • Clay soils: Clay soil expands when exposed to moisture and contracts when it dries, exerting pressure on the foundation over time. 
  • Nearby trees: Trees near your home can absorb water from the soil, leading to shrinkage and gaps beneath the foundation. In some cases, tree roots can even grow into the foundation if they are within proximity. 

Can You Fix a Sinking Foundation? 

Do you suspect that your home’s foundation may be sinking? Rest assured, there are effective methods to fix it! You can prevent further damage by using proven repair techniques to stabilize and reinforce your foundation. 

While DIY approaches can be a cost-effective solution for many home projects, foundation repair is not one of them. Although patching may temporarily relieve symptoms, it can actually make permanent repairs more expensive and invasive. 

Here’s how to repair a sinking foundation: 

Indiana Foundation Service can install subsurface foundation piers that reach the bedrock and support your home. These foundation piers transfer the weight of the house below the problem soils. 

Indiana Foundation Service offers several types of foundation piers to stabilize and potentially lift sinking foundations: 

  • Push piers are driven deep into the ground by heavy machinery. 
  • Helical piers screw into the earth to support your home. 
  • Slab piers attach beneath sinking concrete slabs. 

Why Address Sinking Foundations Now? 

It’s essential to examine and repair sinking foundations promptly to prevent further, more costly damage. Here are some reasons to take action now: 

  • Avoid more expensive repairs in the future by preventing further damage 
  • Ensure the structural integrity and safety of your home 
  • Prevent further settling and cracking of your home 
  • Prevent doors and windows from sticking and worsening 
  • Improve the stability of your home if you plan to sell it 

Don’t delay. Contact the experts at Indiana Foundation Service to schedule a free inspection and receive an estimate. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is strong and secure. 

Contact Indiana Foundation Service for Sinking Foundation Solutions 

If you suspect that your home’s foundation is sinking, we encourage you to contact Indiana Foundation Service today. Our professionals will inspect your foundation and recommend solutions to permanently stabilize your home. 

We understand that foundation repairs can be overwhelming – it can feel like when your car breaks down, but worse! We recognize the inconvenience and cost of repairs as homeowners ourselves. That’s why we offer flexible financing plans to alleviate the burden of repairing your foundation and the financial stress. 

With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to accurately diagnose any foundation problem and provide effective, warranted repairs. Please don’t hesitate to schedule your free inspection and estimate today. 


The duration of foundation repair depends on various factors, such as the severity of the damage and the repair technique used. However, most foundation repair projects take two and five days to complete. 

Yes, in most cases, you can stay in your home during foundation repair. 

In most cases, foundation repair is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, if the damage is caused by a covered peril, such as a burst pipe, your insurance may cover the repair costs. It’s best to check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage. 

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